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Watch This: SOPA Breaks The Internet

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 18, 2012

Many major websites are blacked out today in protest of the Stop Anti-Piracy Act (SOPA) that is making its way through Congress. The¬†Underground Film Journal shutting down for a day isn’t going to make much of an impact as Wikipedia or Reddit shutting themselves down. However, to show our support of the movement, it makes more sense for us to promote the above short film that succinctly presents the issues surrounding this legislation. Please watch and take action!

The¬†Underground Film Journal wouldn’t exist without WordPress embracing the philosophy of open source software. Also, the¬†Underground Film Journal features work by many artists that re-purposes bits and pieces from corporate media. Therefore, much of this site would be declared “illegal” and could face the possibility of being shut down completely should SOPA pass.

For these reasons, we believe it is essential that the Internet remain a free and open marketplace of ideas and commerce. And that’s exactly what SOPA is threatening to end.

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