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Watch Slamdance Films Online

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 15, 2009


Even if you’re not going to Park City this week, you can still watch the films playing at the Slamdance Film Festival, which runs from today to Jan. 23, online courtesy of the fest and streaming video site IndieRoad. Watch films at the comfort of your own computer monitor as they unspool at the fest on the Slamdance/IndieRoad partnership page.

Films do cost 9 bucks per film or block of films. You can order in advance, then receive email reminders of the screening. The movies will be available as they screen at Slamdance, then be available to begin for up to two hours afterward. Also, some films from Slamdance years past will be available continuously online during the fest. They are the features Tijuana Makes Me Happy, dir. Dylan Verrechia and Glory Boy Days, dir. Paul Encinas; plus three short films by Jack Truman, Phone Sex Grandma, The Outhouse and The Acceptable Sin.

I don’t normally post about Slamdance on the Underground Film Journal, but I think this is a neat program and could give ideas to other festivals out there on how to connect fests to home audiences. Granted, the fun of a festival is to go and hang out and discuss films with other people, but this seems like a good promotional tool for a fest and, more importantly, to indie and underground filmmakers.