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Watch On MUBI: Blondes In The Jungle

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 12, 2012

Blondes in the Jungle

After a successful and popular run on the underground film festival circuit, Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn‘s surreal comedy Blondes in the Jungle is now available to watch on the movie streaming site MUBI.com.

The film follows the misadventures of three slacker twentysomethings as they head into the dense jungle of Honduras to locate the fabled Fountain of Youth in 1987. Along the way they run into a paranoid cocaine dealer and the Mayan Jaguar God, as well as debate the mysteries of 21 Jump Street and Bill Murray.

Star Ingrid Schram won the Best International Actress at the 2010 Melbourne Underground Festival, plus the film also screened at the Chicago Underground Film Film Festival and the Arizona Underground Film Festival.

The Underground Film Journal reviewed Blondes in the Jungle in 2010, calling it “a cheerful, genial and strange comedy, yet it’s so good-natured and screwy that it’s easy to go along with all of the improbable happenings — and there’s certainly plenty of those.”

Watch the trailer and check out some film stills below. Then, go watch the film on MUBI.