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Watch Now: Video Interview With Jeff Keen

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 26, 2012

[vimeo 25229293]

In 2008, the British Film Institute interviewed legendary underground filmmaker Jeff Keen about the movies he’s made, the movies that inspired him, the type of film he prefers to shoot with and exactly what type of art he makes. Plus, the above piece includes lots of cutaways to samples of Keen’s amazing filmography.

Not to give too much away about the little gems that Keen drops throughout the interview, but some of the best bits include: The time a woman cried after a screening of his classic Marvo Movie. (Which may or may not have been a positive “review.”) Keen definitely does not consider himself a pop artist, even though his work includes lots of pop images and references. Yes, he was influenced a lot by American B-movies, particularly Westerns.

However, one of the most interesting tidbits Keen discusses is that in the ’90s he produced a series of thirty second films under the banner Art War! that he intended for the BBC to air in place of the weather report! Ah, if only the media could be that playful.

Watch the whole interview, it’s fascinating.

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