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Film School Archive: Variants On A Trash Queen

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 4, 2007

Embedded below is the third and final of my short films that I’ve put online. Here’s the first two: Aardvarkian Mad and Casual Observer.

Variants on a Trash Queen was my senior thesis film at the Rochester Institute of Technology and was shot sometime in the fall of 1991 and edited up until completion in the spring of 1992. Once again it stars my friend Philip R. Frey, as well as my friends Kristen Pelletier and Jessie DiMuro. You can hear my voice egging everyone on from behind the camera.

The film is 26 minutes long or so and I had trouble compressing it down good enough for YouTube, so I ended up having to cut it into five different pieces. I’m only going to embed parts one and two. For the rest, you can follow the links under the second video, if you want.

And one note about the transfer. This film was shot on Hi-8 video, transferred to 3/4 inch tape for editing then transferred to VHS for regular viewing. The VHS was then transferred to digital tape then transferred to my hard drive. The opening big looks really muddy, which I think has something to do with the opening titles. It kinda clears up after that. Anyway, here’s the film:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three
Part Four
Part Five