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Watch Now: Sundance Home Movie Show #2 With Mike Plante

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 30, 2012

There was something spooky going on at the Sundance Film Festival this year, as long as you went off the ranch to find it. When filmmakers Don Hertzfeldt, Nicholas McCarthy, Brent Green and David Zellner pile into a car with journalist Mike Plante to head for the nearest snow-covered graveyard, they’re bound to swap scary stories and get into some trouble.

As any fan of the TV show Ghost Hunters knows, spirits like to leave messages on audio tape. For whatever reason, they simply enjoy leaving what can be considered answering machine messages from beyond the grave as their preferred way to reach out to the living. Despite Hertzfeldt’s extended attempt to debunk the notion of hauntings, did the intrepid Sundance crew actually catch a buzzing from some specter trying to get their attention?

And, if anything can be gleaned from this haunted car ride, it’s that one of these filmmakers needs to transform Stumpy the ax murdering 100-meter dash champion into the next big horror movie villain franchise, who could be bigger than Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger combined.