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Film School Archive: Casual Observer

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 3, 2007

Embedded above is the second of three student films directed by me that I’ve just put online. The first one is Aardvarkian Mad and you can watch and read about it here.

Casual Observer was my major end-of year film for my junior year at the Rochester Institute of Technology. It was shot on 16mm in the winter of 1991 and edited through the spring. It stars my friend Philip R. Frey, who wasn’t in all of my student films, but is in all the ones I’ve put online. It also stars myself, but only because I was too lazy to ask anyone else to be in it. The film also had a bad transfer to VHS where the sound was completely out of sync, but by the magic of bad sync on YouTube, it kinda matches up again. Weird.