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Watch: Bad Lit Video Promo #3

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 22, 2011

Bad Lit: The Journal of Underground Film is pleased to present the third video in its online promo series.

We’re extra special excited about this one as we have our very first celebrity endorsement: Scandal-plagued politician John Edwards! Who is caught giving us a hearty “Hi” and a handshake!

Actually, this was filmed almost 4 years ago when Edwards attended a rally for the striking Writer’s Guild of America members who were picketing outside NBC studios in Burbank, California. This was just after the National Enquirer had begun running stories about Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter, although that info hadn’t yet been taken very seriously.

At the time of this rally, Edwards was trying to appear as a more progressive presidential candidate than the perceived front-runner Hillary Clinton by showing solidarity with the picketers.

Watch the other videos in our promo series:

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