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Watch: 2011 WNDX Festival Of Film And Video Art Highlights

By Mike Everleth ⋅ February 27, 2012

The WNDX Festival of Film and Video Art is still a relatively young fest, but always does a tremendous job promoting Canadian experimental and avant garde film. The above highlight real shows off some of the excitement of last year’s sixth annual event, including several moments with both the fake and the real Guy Maddin.

Maddin was at WNDX to recreate his silent film gallery installation, Hauntings, which can be partially seen shimmering ghostily through hanging sheets. Meanwhile, the filmmaker discusses the lost silent films that Hauntings pays homage to. (Plus, Maddin impersonator Darcy Fehr tries to snag some of the credit.)

There’s also other great Canadian celebrating going on, including Darryl Nepinak talking about hating Picasso while filmmakers Mike Maryniuk, Aaron Zeghers and Heidi Phillips discuss their working processes.

And, of course, WNDX is all about the films, so the highlight reel includes clips from award winners such as Lief Hall’s 27/27 (Best Canadian Work), Xstine Cook and Jesse Gouchey’s Spirit of the Bluebird (Best Prairie Work), Christopher Harris’ 28.IV.81 Descending Figures (Best International Work) and more.

If being a part of the above looks like fun — and WNDX doesn’t just screen Canadian films, any filmmaker from any part of the world can submit — then there’s time to get your film in for the 2012 edition. Check out their website for info.

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