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Videofag: Everyone’s A Little Queer: A Program Of Experimental Film And Video From Portland, Oregon

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 17, 2014

Front entrance to Videofag in Toronto, Canada

April 24
8:00 p.m.
187 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, ON M5T, Canada

Hosted by: Regional Support Network and Videofag

Toronto will get a little taste of the Portland, Oregon underground film scene courtesy of Regional Support Network, the screening series run by Clint Enns and Leslie Supnet. A night of short films all by Portland indie filmmakers will screen at the Videofag screening room. The lineup has been curated by animator/filmmaker Ben Popp and is listed in full below.

Included in the program are several films by Popp, including his classic Lázsló Lassu, plus work by living legend Bob Moricz, experimental film/video documentarian Julie Perini, Hannah Piper Burns, Orland Nutt, Karl Lind and many more.

Official Lineup:

Torn, dir. Qathi Hart
Entrance, dir. Stephen Slappe
Counter’s Edge, dir. Dylan McDaniel
Rocky’s Moves From The Fight Scene In Rocky, dir. Chris Freeman
Dear Peter: Yaks, dir. Orland Nutt
Dear Peter: Goats, dir. Orland Nutt
Nebraska Diary, dir. Julie Perini
Bog People, dir. Bob Moricz
Mermaid Blues, dir. Hannah Piper Burns
Delicious, dir. Justin Whomever
The Porno, dir. Justin Whomever
Bronson Says, dir. Karl Lind
Angel Cloud, dir. Leif Anderson
Motel, dir. Andrew Klaus
Constellation, dir. Jodi Darby
10950, dir. Kiri Hargie
Sahara in Stereo, dir. Sharita Towne
I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up, dir. Sam Pirnak
Spending All My Money, dir. Kelly Goeller
Sexy Noir, dir. Ben Popp & Kenny Reed
Lázsló Lassu, dir. Ben Popp
Triangles, dir. Ben Popp
A ThumaTale, dir. Ben Popp

Still from Bob Moricz’s Bog People:

Two mean wearing gas masks pour gasoline down a naked man's throat