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Usama Alshaibi Video Response To Orange County Anti-Muslim Rally

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 8, 2011

Days before he was savagely beaten in a racist attack, Iraqi-American filmmaker Usama Alshaibi released the above video in which he discusses an appalling anti-Muslim rally in Orange County, California. At the rally, elected official Deborah Pauly — an O.C. councilwoman — even implied she would like to order military servicemen to massacre a peaceful gathering of Muslim families. Clearly angry and disturbed by this incident, Alshaibi remains calm and discusses the real meaning of what it is to be American.

The original video that Alshaibi is responding to has been taken down due to a “copyright violation” claim by George M. Collins who runs the website Santa Ana Insight. However, another video of Pauly’s comments can be viewed here. The councilwoman appears to be on an insane, paranoid rant in which she calls the attendees of a Muslim community fundraiser “evil” and “a bad seed” using American freedom of assembly “against us.” She also goes on a tear claiming that the peaceful nature of the fundraiser, as described on a flyer, as being full of lies without any evidence to back up her claim.

When elected officials spew such horrific, hate-filled, paranoid, delusional invectives, it’s no wonder that everyday citizens feel it’s perfectly ok to attack and brutalize anybody of Middle Eastern descent, such as what happened to Alshaibi on March 6. Alshaibi is an upstanding American citizen — and a brilliant artist — who was assaulted just based on his features and his first name by a gang of violent racists, who put into action the words of Councilwoman Pauly. Well, almost. He’s lucky he wasn’t killed or more seriously injured. (A CT scan revealed no major trauma to his brain.)

Alshaibi is also currently working on the documentary American Arab and his fictional narrative Profane will make its U.S. debut at the Boston Underground Film Festival later this month.

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