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Underground Photography Show Opening: Atrocity Exhibitions

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 14, 2012

Jack Sargeant sticking his hand in Linsey Gosper's mouth

Jack Sargeant, director of the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, has co-curated a photography show with Linsey Gosper that will have its opening at the ALASKA Projects gallery in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday, August 21 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

While the show is untitled, it has been colloquially named “Atrocity Exhibitions” and will feature photographs by a number of underground filmmakers and other artists. The show will be on display from the 21st to the 26th.

Inspired by the experimental novel by J G Ballard The Atrocity Exhibition, this photography show will explore “the emergence of new manifestations of the psychosexual unconscious.” The images document unusual fetishes and unleashed urges that emerge “from the collusion of urban zones and economics, amputated urges and personal explorations of seduction and desire.”

Artists represented in the show include transgressive filmmaker Usama Alshaibi and underground icon Lydia Lunch, as well as work by Romain Slocombe, Tyler Hubby, Samantha Sweeting, Monte Cazazza and co-curator Linsey Gosper in collaboration with Sargeant.

Full bios for each artist and the curators are below:

Usama Alshaibi: is an award-winning film director and photographer. He has directed two feature films, the most recent of which is Profane, and a feature length documentary, as well as numerous short films, all of which have screened across the world. He is currently working on his second feature length documentary. The photographs exhibited draw on the themes of sexuality, lust and fantasy that inform much of his short film practice.

Lydia Lunch: As a musician Lydia Lunch founded Teenage Jesus and has collaborated with Rowland S Howard, Foetus, The Birthday Party, Sonic Youth and many others. She is currently recording and performing with Gallon Drunk under the name Big Sexy Noise. She has authored the novel Paradoxia: A Predator’s Diary (Akashic Books) and published numerous collections of shorter works including Will Work For Drugs (Akashic Books) and Incriminating Evidence (Last Gasp), amongst others. She has collaborated with — and appeared in films by — Beth B, Richard Kern and amongst others. She has exhibited her photography internationally and a collection of her photographs has been published as The Gun Is Loaded (Black Dog). Her latest work is a literary, cultural and culinary exploration of food that extends beyond recipes into a sassy, sexy and occasionally hedonistic celebration of food; The Need to Feed will be published in September.

Romain Slocombe: as a fine artist and photographer Slocombe has exhibited his fetish photographs and paintings internationally. He has published numerous books of photographs including City of the Broken Dolls (Creation Books), Tokyo Sex Underground (Creation Books), A Floating World (Michel Baveret Editeur), and many others. The three photographic works exhibited here explore his ongoing interest with a post-trauma fetishism in which the process of healing and recuperation becomes the locus for libidinal desires.

Tyler Hubby: works as a filmmaker and photographer. Hubby’s photography is best known from the magazine Artillery, while his films have been screened at festivals and galleries across America and Europe. The images exhibited here were found in a garage in a major metropolitan city and are part of a number of images depicting strippers and erotic dancers.

Samantha Sweeting: is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice takes the form of embodied storytelling, drawing upon memory, mythology, psychoanalysis, folklore and fairytales. Her works have been exhibited internationally and were recently included in the Tate Liverpool’s Alice exhibition. The works exhibited here emerged from a series of explorations examining seduction and sexuality.

Monte Cazazza: first emerged as a mail artist. Monte coined the term Industrial Music while collaborating with Throbbing Gristle in the mid-seventies. He has subsequently worked with various bands and musicians and has released numerous solo albums, the most recent of which was The Cynic (Blast First Petite). He has worked with Survival Research Labs engaging in numerous legendary machine performances, co-produced and directed short films including the infamous SXXX80. As an artist he has exhibited his frequently confrontational and darkly humorous artworks across the world. He was a regular contributor to (and subject of) the groundbreaking journal Re/Search.

Linsey Gosper: drawing the personal out of collective experiences, Gosper’s work sees the artist positioning herself within the shifting terrains that demark identity, sexuality and gender. She uses the performative body and self-portraiture to explore her subject matter. In the work here she has collaborated with Jack Sargeant to examine the relationship between performance and experience, transgression, sexuality and gender against the background of the automobile.

Curators: Currently residing in Sydney, Jack Sargeant has curated exhibitions and performances and programmed film and music events since the late 1980s, including the film programme at the Sydney Biennale 2012. The author of numerous essential books on underground culture, cult film and cutting-edge art, including Deathtripping: The Extreme Underground (Soft Skull), Suture (Creation Books) and Naked Lens: Beat Cinema (Soft Skull) amongst others. He has written dozens of articles, essays and program notes for a variety of books, magazines, journals and publications including RealTime, The Wire and Fortean Times. In addition he has written introductions to numerous books by fine artists and photographers, including publications by Romain Slocombe, Lydia Lunch and outsider artist Joe Coleman. His photos have been published in various magazines and catalogues.

Linsey Gosper is a photographic artist and curator based in Melbourne working predominately with photography and installation. She is currently the manager of the photographic gallery Colour Factory in Fitzroy where she contributes regularly as a curator. She has worked in this position since Colour Factory Gallery’s inception in October 2009. Linsey exhibits extensively at artist run, regional and commercial galleries in Australia. Her last solo exhibition “Object Love” was in February 2012 at Stills Gallery, Paddington.