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Underground Lunch

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 13, 2006

I first read about this experiment when it ran during the 2006 Cinematexas, but it goes something like this: Cinemad ‘zine guru Mike Plante buys a filmmaker lunch and in return the filmmaker makes an original short for Mike. Sounds like a funny and interesting setup and I just learned that there’s a blog to go along with it.

I guess the blog is a list of all the short films Mike has “commissioned” so far. I kinda wish the films were online to go along with the descriptions, but maybe Mike will eventually put out a DVD or something. There’s a couple of recognizable (to me) underground names in the bunch, so here they are as examples. But check out Mike’s full blog. It’s interesting. Each post lists how much was paid for lunch, what the film has to be about, where the lunch was eaten and a brief description of the filmmaker. I’ve left out the filmmaker descriptions, so more incentive for you to go check out the blog.

James Fotopoulos:

Must have two humans in it.
Must use title cards.
Strangers lives must not collide.
Images are self-reliant.
commissioned at Thailand Cafe, New York City.

Jem Cohen:

Must contain:
Full frontal.
commissioned at a 24 hour place, downtown Los Angeles.

Martha Colburn:

Film must:
Have a bunny in it.
Be life-affirming.
commissioned at Lulu’s, Los Angeles.

Bobcat Goldthwait:

Show the love a family has.
Incorporate a live element. My Mom would like that.
Dedicate film to Jerry Lewis.
commissioned at Swinger’s, Los Angeles.