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By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 4, 2006

With the outbreak of online video sites (and yes it is like a virus), it’s not surprising to see works by underground filmmakers now popping up. I haven’t decided if I want to fill┬áthe Underground Film Journal up with tons of embedded videos, so for the time being I’ll just be linking to other sites. But here’s two I found recently:

1) Filmmaker Vivien Chen has created a blog to showcase her short films, which is a great way to use embedded video developers to create your own promotional sites. Vivien’s short film Missed played at the 2004 Chicago Underground Film Festival, as well as a good dozen other festivals.

Missed is a haunting little film about the disconnection encountered while trying to maintain a long-distance relationship, and based on Vivien’s experience a really long distance. It’s one part experimental film, one part tragic romance and one part horror movie. Watch it on her blog here.

And go to Vivien’s homepage to watch more of her films.

2) Comic book artist and animator Brad Neely‘s music video for Cox & Combes’s “George Washington” played at this year’s Brooklyn Underground Film Festival and recently popped up on the video aggregator blog Screenhead. It’s really funny.

I’m sure there’s more underground films available online, so if you know of any or are a filmmaker who’s posted one, lemme know.