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Underground Film Links: September 30, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 30, 2012

Fishing Without Nets
  1. This week’s Must Read is actually a series from Melanie Wilmink’s new blog. One of her posts totally won the Underground Film Journal over with the introductory sentence: “Short films regularly draw the short stick when it comes to being written about.” Ain’t that the truth! So, Melanie rights this wrong with an amazingly well-thought out article/review of the “Crime Wave” shorts at the Calgary International Film Festival that digs deep into issues of cinematic authenticity. Then, she has more in-depth reviews of the “End of Days” shorts program at the fest. Finally, at least for now that I know of, she tackles the anthology film V/H/S, which has been getting lots of press, and hammers it for its overt misogyny.
  2. Wanna hear Jonas Mekas talk lovingly about his five Bolexes?
  3. The Manitoba Scene got filmmaker Deco Dawson to write an essay about his award-winning short film Keep a Modest Head, an experimental biopic about French surrealist Jean Benoît. (Dawson debuted the film in his hometown of Winnipeg at WNDX last night.)
  4. OaklandNorth has a lengthy piece on the Oakland Underground Film Festival, which is going on right now.
  5. The Huffington Post has a great spotlight on Michael Melamedoff’s The Exhibitionists, which debuted at the Arizona Underground Film Festival a few days ago. (To be reviewed on the Underground Film Journal soon!)
  6. Title Magazine has a brief piece on Jeff Krulik’s legendary Heavy Metal Parking Lot, but the article places the film into some great context and is thus worth a read. I’d never think to compare the film to Casablanca, but it makes sense.
  7. Fangoria magazine has a lengthy interview with Curtis Prather, who runs the greatest horror movie festival in the world, Spooky Movie. Big year for the fest, big year for Prather … So, congrats!
  8. The Winnipeg Free Press has a great personal profile of Cecilia Araneda, the executive director of the Winnipeg Film Group and a filmmaker herself who was born in Chile before her family was forced to move north following the ouster of Salvadore Allende in 1973.
  9. Donna k. has a nice review of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s 1953 film Wages of Fear, but, more importantly, she stresses the inarguable importance of seeking out and supporting local film communities.
  10. One+One’s Bradley Tuck and Melanie Mulholland take a look at Noribumi Suzuki’s 1973 film Sex and Fury and decide the movie’s not really about either of those things mentioned in the title.
  11. Chopping Mall begins to tackle the Italian giallo genre with Sergio Martino’s 1973 thriller Torso.
  12. J.J. Murphy reviews Dan Sallitt’s over-looked 2012 indie drama The Unspeakable Act, about a brother and a sister who act as lovers. Murphy says “indie gem deserves to be seen more widely.”