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Underground Film Links: September 25, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 25, 2011

Film still from Patrick Smith's Drink
  1. Over at Scribble Junkies, professor Patrick Smith launched an ambitious series of articles on crafting stories for short films. I read the intro, which has loads of great, helpful advice I agree with, but you might want to read the whole series and get yourself an online education. Other installments: The Image, The Conflict and Resolutions and Endings.
  2. Speaking of education, donna k. gives an example of why it’s important to rope kids early into the history of our medium.
  3. Super preservationist Mark Toscano writes about preserving Peter Mays’ 1966 underground film The Death of the Gorilla, which is typically ignored in most underground film histories.
  4. Electric Sheep interviews Ruggero Deodato about Cannibal Holocaust.
  5. In this news article about the New Jersey Chapter of Media Communications Association Professionals (MCA-I), Kevin Lonano of Robot Hand! gets a shout-out and a quote.
  6. Ay-yi-yi, SnuffBox Films lets us know that the recently released A Serbian Film has been banned through-out Australia.
  7. I don’t know where The Pictures got this cute old-timey comic strip about the abuses of Hollywood, but it’s pretty funny.
  8. Luke Black has some cool pics of the film set for some horror vignettes he’s written and is producing.
  9. Identity Theory reviews underground film journalist Shade Rupe’s interview book Dark Stars Rising.
  10. For Filmmaker Magazine, Penny Lane writes about her experience promoting her new doc Our Nixon at Independent Film Week.
  11. IndieWIRE has an excerpt from Robert Maier’s memoir Low Budget Hell, which is all about being a crew member on several John Waters’ movies.
  12. Phantom of Pulp reviews the new Mother’s Day remake, which I didn’t know was out and which he liked.
  13. Andrea Grover has posted several videos made during her time at the Aurora Picture Show.

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