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Underground Film Links: September 23, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 23, 2012

Marie Menken behind her Bolex movie camera
  1. This week’s Must Read: Making Light of It has posted another one of its wonderful filmmaker profiles, this time for Marie Menken.
  2. Here’s a new site to take notice of: The Avant-Garde Film Index, which does exactly what its name implies, indexing experimental, avant-garde and underground films. The site appears to be in its very early stages, but we wish them the best of luck and we’ll keep our eye on it as it grows into the essential resource we’re sure it’ll become.
  3. At the Chicago Reader, Ben Sachs interviewed filmmaker Lori Felker about a program of films by Robert Nelson that screened over the weekend at the Gene Siskel Film Center.
  4. The Tucson Weekly profiles the Arizona Underground Film Festival, which is going on right now and is having its biggest year ever, especially focusing on the film The Exhibitionists.
  5. For the next couple of months, Vitheque will be hosting videos by Canada’s Double Negative Collective, including work by Mike Rollo, Edwardo Menz, Malena Szlam and more.
  6. Liberal news magazine The Nation has a lengthy piece on Bruce Conner.
  7. Ok, this is a strange one: Filmmaker Jon Jost has taken up the charge to get film professor Ray Carney to return the films and materials of Mark Rappaport who’s been holding onto it for the past few years. It’s an odd, strange odyssey that you can follow first in this post by Jost and then by this follow-up.
  8. For Senses of Cinema, Damien Spiccia has a round-up of the 15th Revelation Perth International Film Festival saying the fest this year had “the strongest documentary line-up that Rev has seen in years.”
  9. Donna k. reviews the indie film Sleepwalk With Me and appears to have been charmed by certain aspects of the film over what sounds like a pedestrian premise.
  10. Dennis Schwartz lists his Top 10 Weird Movies, including The Dubbyk, Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, Who Is Bozo Texino? and more.
  11. So, what does becoming an Internet short film “viral sensation” mean anyway? Short of the Week investigates.
  12. For Fandor, Susan Gerhard interviews documentary filmmakers Chris Metzler and Lev Anderson about their awesome Everyday Sunshine: The Story of Fishbone that the Underground Film Journal reviewed awhile back.
  13. Jonas Mekas hits West Coast denizens, which includes his daughter, right where it hurts.