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Underground Film Links: September 2, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 2, 2012

Barbara Hammer shows the palms of her hands
  1. This Week’s Must Read is actually a series of reads. If you haven’t been following the One+One Filmmakers Journal new blog, you’ve been missing some of the best new writing on underground film past and present on the web. They’re really turning themselves into an invaluable resource over there. This past week they’ve run a great primer on Barbara Hammer, a review of the documentary It Came From Kuchar, and a piece on dissident filmmaking.
  2. Brooklyn’s Light Industry screening room also has a new blog up, which is now required reading. Recently, they posted up the legendary 1971 issue of Artforum that was devoted to underground film.
  3. Robert Maier has an awesome story about a Baltimore-based underground film not directed by John Waters, but was to have featured Divine. Alas, the project fell through and it wasn’t to be. It was called Vacancy. (Completely unrelated to the horror movie of the same name.)
  4. Speaking of awesome, Temple of Schlock uncovers several mysteries surrounding what sounds like the best drive-in movie marathon of all time. Sadly, the “mysteries” involved nefarious distribution practices of the ’70s. There’s another shocking example here. Plus, some more fantastic updates for the IMDB.
  5. Shirley Clarke, one of the most overlooked filmmakers from the ’60s underground movement, is getting lots of new appreciation lately, which is fantastic. At Fandor, David Hudson covers the restored version of one of her later films, 1985’s documentary Ornette: Made in America.
  6. Also at Fandor, Robert Ham looks at the avant-garde films that moved up on this year’s Sight & Sound critics poll.
  7. So, what’s it like to hang out with Jonas Mekas? Dazed Digital’s Hannah Lack relates her experience.
  8. BadAzz MoFo has a great poster for one my favorite Hammer movies, Frankenstein and the Monster From Hell.
  9. Down With Film has a great, in-depth interview with young, upcoming underground filmmaker Greg Hanson, co-director of Thy Kill Be Done, one of the Underground Film Journal’s faves.
  10. Slackerwood chats with Pictures of Superheroes‘ director Don Swaynos and producer Kelly Williams in anticipation of the film screening at the upcoming Austin Film Festival.
  11. The 13th annual Melbourne Underground Film Festival just wrapped up, but the Gay News Network had this great preview of it that’s still very much worth reading. Plus, the Irish Film Television Network looked at MUFF’s decision to feature so many Irish films this year.
  12. I really liked Musings of a Morleysaurus’ musings on underground film piracy, which I would have to agree with totally. Plus, there was a musings follow-up because I guess some thieves got mad at her.

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