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Underground Film Links: September 19, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 19, 2010

  1. Mike Rollo has just started a new series on old theaters in Saskatchewan. I’m very excited about this, especially based on his first profile of the Majestic Theatre in Biggar, Saskatchewan.
  2. Also starting a new blogging series is animator Patrick Smith of Scribble Junkies. He’s teaching “Animation 101” online and, again, has an excellent first post about sacks of flour. (Sounds like I’m joking, but I’m not.) Plus, one excellent and one horrendous Bakshi movie poster.
  3. Smith’s blogging partner Bill Plympton has a horrifying story of when self-distribution goes awry. (At least it all worked out in the end.) P.S. Words of advice: When starting a filmmaking competition, be sure to remember that your email is working.
  4. Dolphins, space whales and Stan Vanderbeek, oh my! Andrea Grover on the collision of science, sea creatures, space and the universe.
  5. Film Studies for Free has compiled a list of over 100 free online film journals for you to peruse. I’ll admit it: I’m a bit bummed that the Journal of Underground Film didn’t make the cut, but you should check out these great sites. Plus, remembering Claude Chabrol.
  6. Congrats to South African filmmaker Aryan Kaganof, whose written short story “An Out of Body Experience” was a runner-up for the Balls Quandary Award given out by the site The Sheets Are Immaculate. (Thank God for the Internet so sentences like that actually make sense.)
  7. So, you’ve heard of “Behind the Scenes” features on films, but writer Jack Sargeant shows us the “behind the scenes” of his writing by posting up photos of his notebooks. (People still write in long-hand?) Plus, what nice new photography books has Jack gotten recently?
  8. Exploitation Nation reviews Mike White’s new book compilation Impossibly Funky from his legendary Cashiers du Cinemart zine. I’m going to review this on the Underground Film Journal in the near future, too.
  9. Canadian filmmaker Michael Peterson, whose films I enjoy very much, let me know his new film Lloyd the Conqueror is currently in production and has quite an impressive cast.
  10. Hey Nashville: P. Adams Sitney will be in your city in October for a night of experimental film. I don’t hear much about Sitney holding screenings, so this should be a real treat.
  11. Ever wonder what Park City looks like when Sundance isn’t in session? Donna k. has some pretty (vacant) shots. Plus, creepy photos at the Steinbeck Wax Museum in Monterey Bay, CA. And Danish country!
  12. Bob Moricz = awesome. Bob Moricz + shotgun = absolutely frightening. And why does he have the gun? To make you buy more stuff at his Etsy store.
  13. Cineflyer has a couple reports of Winnipeg Film Group members screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.
  14. Jennifer Reeves in Portland, OR for some screening. Shirin Neshat’s Women Without Men was great. The firemen and roller derby chicks in the hotel, not so much.
  15. War, it never gets nicer. Landscape Suicide compares L’espoir (1945) by André Malraux and Histoire(s) du cinéma 3B / 3A (1998) Jean-Luc Godard.
  16. Director Chris Hansen had a great time at the Southern Winds Film Festival with his film Endings. Too bad an armadillo had to die in the process.
  17. I don’t read the very popular website Boing Boing and, after reading this tale of censorship by filmmaker Alessandro Cima, I probably won’t start.
  18. DINCA has 7 questions with the amazing film ethnographer, Ben Russell.
  19. Mistressfi has some one-sentence blurbs about the films she saw during a one-day pass at the Sydney Underground Film Festival.
  20. Making Light of It tries to bring attention to the unjustly ignorned Canadian filmmaker Carl Brown.
  21. Also from SUFF: Strange Love has a long review of Harmony Korine’s Trash Humpers. Plus, Projectorheads didn’t like the film, nor did they like the people going to see it.
  22. One last SUFF review: B or C gives The Taint 3 1/2 stars out of 5. That’s pretty good.
  23. J. J. Murphy reviews Todd Solondz’s Life During Wartime, which sounds awfully involved with Solondz’s earlier films.
  24. Pulpmovies recommends seeing Alex Ferrari’s Red Princess Blues at the Arizona Underground Film Festival, which is going on right now.
  25. Phil Soloman has a super nice new HD shot of his American Falls installation.
  26. Not film: If you’re an ’80s video game geek, Rhizome has some cool long exposure shots done by artist Rosemarie Fiore of the games Tempest and Gyruss.
  27. Not underground: Here’s a preview of Roger Ebert’s new variation on At the Movies that will be airing on PBS. I might try watching if it makes it to L.A.
  28. Not film and not underground: But another great “why I write” article by Mark Evanier. I haven’t been as lucky as he has, but close and that counts for something.

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