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Underground Film Links: September 18, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 18, 2011

George Kuchar setting up a shot

Short batch this week, but these are all terrific links. First, we have two more moving remembrances of the amazing George Kuchar:

  1. First, Kuchar protege Bob Moricz wrote a long tribute for Bright Lights Film Journal on how George inspired him directly, how a nicely written fan letter turned into a terrific friendship. And you absolutely don’t want to miss the tube sock story, a tale I never tire of hearing.
  2. Second, Lenny Lipton has a very different kind of George Kuchar story, of a relationship that unfortunately soured following a rough incident. This is the only story of this kind that I’ve ever heard about George and one I wish had worked out differently.
  3. In other links: Jessica Oreck has some really nice screengrabs from Frederick Wiseman’s Zoo. Plus, even prettier Lapland landscapes.
  4. Speaking of screen captures: Chris Hansen has a few of his lovely actors in his anticipated Where We Started. Plus, watching the first rough cut.
  5. This is a nice feature I hope Cineflyer continues: Spotlighting local Winnipeg film artists. First installment is all about Rhayne Vermette.
  6. Donna k. has fun at the drive-in.

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