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Underground Film Links: September 16, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 16, 2012

Damon Packard at a Q&A session
  1. This week’s Must Read is a rarity: Underground icon Damon Packard being interviewed in a major newspaper, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, on the occasion of his genius new film Foxfur screening at Craig Baldwin’s Other Cinema last night.
  2. And, you know it, it’s also not every day an underground film is profiled in the New York Times, so super congrats to director Adam Rehmeier and particularly Rodleen Getsic for this NYT piece about the controversial nature of their The Bunny Game.
  3. Here’s a new “Must Bookmark” blog: A movie journal site by Melanie Wilmink, formerly of the $100 Film Festival, where she now hopes to open up discussion generated by indie films — and she’s doing a fantastic job so far!
  4. Also to bookmark: Eric Krasner has a blog regarding his in-progress documentary on legendary Yiddish comedian Mickey Katz.
  5. The Huffington Post reports on the totally hypocritical stance of the Australian censor board to permit the screening of a bestiality documentary, Donkey Love, yet banned the gay adult movie L.A. Zombie by Bruce La Bruce two years ago.
  6. The Yale Daily News has an article about a local art show based around crystals that includes a few underground films including one of the Underground Film Journal’s favorite shorts, Energie!. But shame on the newspaper for not naming Energie!‘s brilliant filmmaker, Thorsten Fleisch.
  7. Electric Sheep interviewed the mighty Guy Maddin in regards to his latest film Keyhole, calling it his most ambitious film yet. Plus, they reviewed the film here.
  8. David Bordwell reports on his first ever visit to the Toronto International Film Festival, specifically commenting on the vastness of the fest, but towards the bottom he also discusses new films by underground filmmakers Luther Price and Ernie Gehr who both screened in the fest’s “Wavelengths” section.
  9. Film Comment has a lengthy piece on the long career of Peter Kubelka and his latest film (his 8th), Antiphon, which will be premiering at the New York Film Festival next month.
  10. Decoy Magazine looks at the films of Abigail Child.
  11. Congrats to Bill Plympton who’s on his way to becoming a daddy, plus, here’s a funny gag panel drawing he did.
  12. If film is dead, where does that leave the avant-garde? Fandor investigates.

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