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Underground Film Links: September 11, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 11, 2011

George Kuchar filming a fish tank

This week’s links is dedicated to George Kuchar who tragically passed away this week. Most of the links are, of course, about him:

  1. The San Francisco Art Institute, where George taught and inspired so many future filmmakers for so many years, offers up a touching remembrance.
  2. The San Francisco Chronicle has an official obituary.
  3. As does the New York Times.
  4. Aaron Zeghers, who has done an admirable job taking over Cineflyer, has a very nice article on George, who visited Winnipeg last year for the WNDX festival.
  5. ArtInfo has a very long piece.
  6. Andy Ditzler of the Film Love screening series in Atlanta offers two inspiring quotes from his late friend.
  7. Cinemad has two very nice pictures of George. (One of which I stole for this post that you see above.)
  8. Making Light of It posted a scan of an old Film Culture interview with George and his brother Mike, plus a scan from the book Expanded Cinema about Jordan Belson, who also passed away this week.
  9. In some other news, Electric Sheep has some thoughts on this year’s Raindance lineup.
  10. Scribble Junkies held a poll to find out who the greatest animators in history are. Here’s the results.
  11. CineSource Magazine has hired filmmaker Waylon Bacon to draw a regular comic strip about filmmaking. The first installment covers one of the worst crimes to ever be committed on a film set.
  12. Finally, this may be very old news, but it’s new to me: The Film Makers Cooperative has revamped their website and it looks pretty snazzy. Built on WordPress, of course.