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Underground Film Links: October 9, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 9, 2011

Incite Journal Issue No. 3 logo

Taking a page out of the Film Studies for Free playbook, this week, I’m going to direct all of your attention to the third issue of the always incredible INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media. The issue is dubbed “New Ages.”

The issue offers multiple reports from the historic 2010 International Experimental Media Congress that took place in Toronto on April 7-10 where the experimental media community gathered to discuss where the future of the art form is headed.

Below is a list of all the links to these articles, plus editor Brett Kashmere’s opening editorial. Enjoy!

  1. Better Daze (Intro) by Brett Kashmere
  2. The 2010 Congress in Context by Brett Kashmere
  3. Steering the Congress: Up Shit Creek Without a Paddle by Tess Takahashi
  4. The Architecture of Dialogue by Roger Beebe
  5. Response to the 2010 Congress by Ekrem Serdar
  6. Medium Quality by Kevin McGarry
  7. Notes on the 2010 Congress by Andrew James Paterson
  8. Response to the 2010 Congress by Benj Gerdes
  9. Elephants in the Air by Mireille Bourgeois
  10. Response(s) to ‘2010 Experimental Media Congress,’ Dated September 12 2010 by James Missen
  11. Recalling the International Experimental Media Congress of 2010 by Christina Battle

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