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Underground Film Links: October 28, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 28, 2012

The Poseidon Adventure movie poster

My apologies to everyone who’s missed these links posts that I’ve been slacking off on recently, which is the result of a combination of things — being out of town, being busy and being brain-fried again. Mostly the last option, though, in all honesty.

  1. If you love classic ’70s movie posters, then you absolutely have to read Temple of Schlock’s interview with Mort K√ľnstler who painted posters for The Poseidon Adventure, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three and more. Plus, Joshua and the Blob?
  2. The Austin Statesman interviewed filmmaker Don Swaynos about his directorial debut, Pictures of Superheroes. Most interestingly, why did Don, an awesome professional film editor, direct a feature film? Well, out of a fear of going blind! That’s motivation for you! P.S. Pictures of Superheroes is an amazing comedy — To be reviewed on the¬†Underground Film Journal soon!
  3. The One+One Filmmakers Journal takes on the daunting task of making sense of the Japanese horror fantasy classic Hausu, a work of unrestrained genius. Also, Santa Sangre.
  4. For In Media Res, Jennifer Proctor has a lovingly detailed analysis of Wreck + Salvage’s short film Golden Gates, a mashup of home video bridge footage found on YouTube.
  5. While reviewing The Exorcist, Donna k. veers into a discussion on the general profitability of producing horror movies.
  6. Entertainment Focus interviewed incredibly prolific indie filmmaker Todd Verow who has a new feature out, Bad Boy Street, an intriguing sounding love story.
  7. Jonas Mekas is going to have a busy, busy, busy next couple of weeks.
  8. In the holiday mood, Electric Sheep analyzes the soundtrack to Halloween III: Season of the Witch, the unfairly maligned non-Michael Meyers flick.
  9. For Fandor, Max Goldberg reviews the “Views From the Avant-Garde” section of the New York Film Festival, focusing on new films by Michael Robinson, Ben Rivers, Lori Felker and more.
  10. Imprint has an interesting, but brief, look at the epileptic-attack-inducing posters for this year’s Lausanne Underground Film Festival, which were designed by Demien Conrad.
  11. This happened a few weeks ago, but: The Aurora Picture Show in Houston, TX, one of the best film arts organizations in the country, named a new director to lead them. Her name is Sarah Stauder. According to the news article I’m linking to there, Sarah previously ran the Rochester Art Center in Rochester, Minnesota and the Charles/Allis/Villa Terrace Art Museums in Milwaukee. Congrats to Sarah and to Aurora!
  12. Not underground, but I think an intriguing idea for a different kind of film website: It-Films.com features and promotes educational films. On the front page right now are links to films about nanotechnology, Lucky Luciano, the space race and more.

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