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Underground Film Links: October 24, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 24, 2010

  1. I usually link to Making Light of It in these posts — when Jacob’s not disappearing on me — but I really want to make sure people look at Jacob’s most recent article, so I’m listing him first this week. Jacob’s scanned a bunch of covers of old Film Culture magazines that are really sweet looking. I don’t recognize everybody’s picture, but I see Stan Vanderbeek, Harry Smith, Robert Breer and more. And, I think Jacob has the second only photo ever of Ron Rice on the Internet, after mine.
  2. Fangoria conducted a fascinating interview with one of the Underground Film Journal’s favorite people, C.W. Prather of the Spooky Movie Festival, which is currently going on.
  3. Funniest thing I saw this week — hell, funniest thing I’ve seen in months! — was the Twitter stream of Ted Nope, a parody of indie film producer Ted Hope’s airless Twitter musings.
  4. The always awesome ATA Film & Video Festival has come and gone, but the SF Weekly ran a nice preview of the first night’s films.
  5. Neal Augenstein of radio station WTOP interviewed underground documentarian and music history buff Jeff Krulik about a forgotten culturally significant hotspot: The Alexandria Roller Rink.
  6. Chicago Filmmakers totally revamped their website and it looks totally awesome! I love cool site revamps.
  7. Donna k. profiles Howe Gelb, one of the musicians who plays at the Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then live shows. Plus, a trip to Philly, my old stomping grounds.
  8. Speaking of Gravity, Richard O’Connor of Asterisk Animation is reviewing films at the Ottawa Animation Festival where Gravity just screened.
  9. If you were ever dying to hear Mike White dish on amazing cult films, but never had the chance to make it to Detroit to hear him speak: Well, now you can listen to his recent radio appearance on WDET.
  10. Bob Moricz has an epic report from the Flicker Film Festival in Spokane.
  11. I really like this promo image for Waylon Bacon’s Help Wanted. (Review coming soon — the film’s amazing.)
  12. Yoel Meranda has developed a serious filmmaker crush on Apichatpong Weerasethakul and this post proves it.
  13. Hey! I want a house that has a name!
  14. The Electric Sheep crew has a ton of brief film reviews from the London Film Festival, including Meek’s Cutoff, Tabloid, Blue Valentine and more.
  15. Andrew Rosinski of DINCA has a two-channel video piece he wants you to watch.
  16. Jonas Mekas scanned the first page of an interview he did with Benn Northover for the magazine AnOther Man.
  17. Facets Features interviewed documentary filmmaker Ben Steinbauer about his motherf***in’ Winnebago Man.
  18. Jack Sargeant is revisiting the classics, i.e. Midnight Movies and Film Is a Subversive. Plus, more photos from Jack’s Decadent Literature event. Looks like fun!
  19. The Berkeley Beacon has a short profile of Stan Brakhage, written in conjunction with a recent screening.
  20. At Conversations at the Edge, Charlotte Marra interviewed artist Luis Gispert.
  21. The Pictures underground film club has another new zine issue coming out and is holding a new screening.

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