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Underground Film Links: October 2, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 2, 2011

fertISLE film still by Mark Savage

And here we are in October, my favorite month:

  1. Some of you who have clicked on Phantom of Pulp links I’ve posted in the past may not realize that the ol’ Phantom is Australian filmmaker Mark Savage, who has posted up some great images from his upcoming horror flick fertISLE. How can you not love that title!
  2. Did you know that Roger Ebert used to write poetry for early sci-fi fanzines? Nerd. Bhob Stewart has the evidence.
  3. This weekend is the WNDX Film Festival, so the Winnipeg Free Press ran a nice rundown of what was screening.
  4. Meanwhile, Kenton Smith of Uptown Magazine interviewed filmmakers Darryl Nepinak and Deco Dawson on the occasion of WNDX.
  5. Also in Canada, Avenue Calgary interviewed filmmaker Mike Peterson about his new comedy Lloyd the Conqueror.
  6. SnuffBox Films rambles on a bit about Intensified Continuity editing and all its implications.
  7. I’ve already written about the problem of Netflix not carrying underground films. But, now that the same problems is happening to larger indie films, larger press outlets are noticing it, like Anthony Kaufman’s fine article on IndieWIRE.
  8. Electric Sheep has more from Film4 Fright Fest, including capsule reviews of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, The Wicker Tree and more.
  9. Headpress reviewed Larry Wessel’s epic documentary about Boyd Rice, Iconoclast.
  10. Rhizome digs into its cardboard crypts and digs up some fun stuff.
  11. Bill Plympton has notes and photos from the Woodstock Film Festival.
  12. Landscape Suicide has some gorgeous stills from Allan Sekula & Noël Burch’s 2010 film The Forgotten Space, which I say a lot about Landscapes stills, but these barge ship shots really knock me out.
  13. Not underground, but the comic book news site The Comics Reporter takes a look back at the 1988 documentary Comic Book Confidential by Ron Mann. Love this write up as seeing the film a few times back then was a major event for me.

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