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Underground Film Links: October 14, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 14, 2012

C. Graham Asmundson conjures up a vision in The Magus film still

So, I was on vacation last week and ill this week, so our links are kinda spotty…

  1. This week’s Must Read: Jaimz Asmundson goes into great detail on the making of his amazing film The Magus, which he made in collaboration with his father, artist C. Graham Asmundson. Even if you haven’t seen the film — and you can here — the making of article is a fantastic insight into artistic process and choices one must make as a filmmaker.
  2. Electric Sheep reports on the Trent Harris retrospective at the 20th annual Raindance Film Festival, describing how his films “all easily engage the audience.”
  3. Jon Jost continues to up the ante in his efforts to get Ray Carney to return the films of Mark Rappaport to the filmmaker, saying he’ll start an online petition if Carney doesn’t step up.
  4. Donna k., like us, has been under the weather, but she has a few short art films that cheered herself up.
  5. Congrats to Bob Moricz who, in addition to all his other busy endeavors, is co-curating a new cult film series called Repressed Cinema. Look for screenings if you’re in Portland, OR. Also, sometimes smacking your video camera is the only solution.
  6. Indiewire reports on the value of patience while wading through the avant-garde film selections at the New York Film Festival.
  7. Bomblog has a great, in-depth interview with Nathaniel Dorsky.
  8. Waylon Bacon teases us with an appropriately spooky photograph for October. Yes, please, I hope it’s a prop for a new film!
  9. Scott Fitzpatrick shares some of his favorite short films from this year’s WNDX One-Take Super 8 event.
  10. Bobby at Peaches Christ’s website profiles documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Schwartz who is currently making the highly anticipated I Am Divine.
  11. David Walker, who was recently feted at the Oakland Underground Film Festival, has some thoughts on what “success” means to artists.
  12. If you need some free movie icons for your website, Smashing posted a few.
  13. Not underground: David Bordwell investigates whether or not filming long takes makes a filmmaker “macho.”