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Underground Film Links: November 6, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 6, 2011

George Landow dressed as a panda
  1. P. Adams Sitney writes a very moving obituary for his friend George Landow, aka Owen Land, for Artforum. Landow was a very mysterious person and if anyone got close to actually knowing him, it would be Sitney, who befriended the filmmaker when they were just teenagers. Landow’s history is a sad one, but Sitney sheds some light on it all, particularly on how Landow’s lifelong poor physical condition influenced his behavior.
  2. Experimental filmmaker Paul Clipson — a favorite around these parts — presents several of composer Bernard Herrmann’s most famous music cues with analysis.
  3. Congrats to the SnuffBox Films blog for still publishing after four years. Don’t see too many make it that long. So, how is publisher/filmmaker Rups celebrating? By putting together a new music video!
  4. Donna k. recounts her experience with filmmaker Werner Herzog in an elevator.
  5. Myriapod Journal has been posting updates on what they’re working on. These storyboards and animation drawings look amazing, which is particularly interesting since they’re a documentary production company.
  6. Media artist Marisa Olson has recently snazzified her website. Also, she lets us know what she’s been up to lately over on her blog.
  7. Bill Plympton’s coffee table book on his own art is now available for pre-order.

As a bit of a links P.S., I just want to say that Google’s Reader overhaul has kind of messed me up. Wish they had launched that with some warning like they do with their other products. (The relevance here is that I gather most of these links using Reader.)

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