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Underground Film Links: November 27, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 27, 2011

Charles Theater marquee Stan Brakhage and Taylor Mead

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving weekend! Mine was productive and fruitful, so thanks for asking!

  1. This week’s Absolute Must Read — which we haven’t had in awhile — is a recollection about an illicit screening at the legendary Charles Theater in NYC in the ’60s, which used to screen underground films. (See picture above.) Bhob Stewart starts the story that is continued by Tom Conroy and it involves filmmaker Larry Ivie and, mostly, cartoonist Joel Beck.
  2. Beyond fascinating is film preservationist Mark Toscano’s write-up on the cue rolls experimental filmmaker Will Hindle employed during the processing of his films back in the ’60s.
  3. Cult film review site Movies From Mars took a gander at Greg Hanson & Casey Regan’s Thy Kill Be Done saying they “couldn’t help but wish there was a full length version waiting to come out.” We agree!
  4. Film writer Rebecca Harkins-Cross has a lengthy interview with Australian filmmaker Jon Hewitt about his steamy thriller X.
  5. Fast Forward Weekly wrote a beautiful elegy for the deceased Bird Dog Video store in Calgary, which served as a quasi-HQ for the Calgary Underground Film Festival.
  6. I agree with Albert Maysles: There need to be more passionate political documentaries in this day and age.
  7. 366 Weird Movies interviews Spanish filmmaking genius Carlos Atanes.
  8. The 200% blog got to hang out with Jonas Mekas.
  9. At last we know what happened to the Esotika Erotica Psychotoica underground film blog.
  10. Not underground: I love actor Michael Shannon so much, I’ll read an interview with him about a movie I haven’t seen, nor particularly intend to.

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