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Underground Film Links: November 20, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 20, 2011

Ernie Gehr's Serene Velocity film still
  1. Wow, the New York Times’ Manohla Dargis gave a really incredible write-up on Ernie Gehr and his films, and includes a lovely slideshow of film stills. (Isn’t Serene Velocity one of the best names for a movie ever?)
  2. Superstar blogger Mark Evanier has been writing obsessively about the Lambeth Walk song for the past week or so. One of those posts, though, was all about the classic Len Lye experimental film using that music.
  3. Jonas Mekas has a new documentary, entitled My Mars Bar Movie — about an actual bar in NYC, not the candy bar — which opened the first ever Greenpoint Film Festival. The Local East Village website has a write up on the film and the screening.
  4. By the way: Did you know the “real” Jonas Mekas is now putting his videos on YouTube? I didn’t, but he is.
  5. Rick Trembles gives Peter Watkins’ controversial, Academy Award winning documentary The War Game (1965) the comic strip review treatment.
  6. I am not promoting this upcoming Peaches Christ event as much as I am promoting the wonderful sight gag attached to said event. (Although, if you live in S.F., this sounds like fun.)
  7. Ian Sundahl owns a 16mm print of George Kuchar’s Hold Me While I’m Naked. Jealous? I am. (Lots more cool pictures in that link, too.)
  8. Events like this one remind me of the one or two cool events during my own film school days, like the day I met Craig Baldwin for the first time.
  9. Ever want to get into podcasting, but thought it’d be too expensive a field to break into? Well, Mike White wrote the book on how to podcast on the cheap.
  10. Not film: I love these landscape images from video games that Rhizome posted up from another blog on the subject.
  11. What does the king of indie animation, Bill Plympton, have to say about the mega-budget studio upcoming Tintin movie?
  12. J. J. Murphy reviews Martha Marcy May Marlene.

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