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Underground Film Links: November 18, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 18, 2012

A screening of an experimental film

This Week’s Absolute Must Read: Actually, this is This Week’s Only Read. For years now, I have been singing the praises of Portland, Oregon filmmaker Bob Moricz, but I’m not entirely convinced everyone’s been listening as closely as they should.

In addition to creating mind-shattering movies, Moricz has also developed into one helluva top-notch writer. But, because he makes movies, his writing has had an on-again/off-again flow of productivity. He recently re-launched his website as a blog and it is there you absolutely must read is poignant and spot-on article “Why I Love Experimental Film Screenings.”

I think Moricz perfectly captures the exact reason all of us who are into experimental films spend so much time with them. What makes the article extra special is that he doesn’t tear down other forms of media in order to bolster the case for watching experimental films, even though mainstream media can be all too happy to tear down film and video artists.

Moricz describes the experience of watching experimental films as:

It’s like being a kid again and playing, trying to figure out what it’s all about. If we can see experimental film in such a way, then we can get closer to who we really are and what we are truly a part of.

That pretty much nails it, but please do yourself a favor and read the entire piece.

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