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Underground Film Links: November 13, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 13, 2011

Endings film still
  1. The Art Voice newspaper in Buffalo, NY reviewed Chris Hansen’s film Endings, which is currently playing at an interesting screening space/restaurant called Screens. Here’s the poster quote to pull: ” [Endings] ends up going somewhere you don’t quite expect.” Nice to see local papers reviewing truly indie movies, which typically get ignored.
  2. Speaking of which: The Denver Westword paper interviews documentary filmmaker Larry Wessel regarding the screening of his doc Iconoclast at the Denver Underground Film Festival tonight. The interview will warm your heart, especially when Wessel calls his doc subject, Boyd Rice, a “lonely, cold-hearted, pretentious, hypocritical sociopath.”
  3. Bright Lights Film Journal has a lengthy expose on the work of Bob Moricz, whose work we’re continually praising ourselves here on the Underground Film Journal.
  4. If you live or want to move to Houston, TX, the Aurora Picture Show is hiring part-time Media Arts Educators.
  5. Save the Evans City Cemetary Chapel! (It was one of the locations used in the original Night of the Living Dead.)
  6. Found out two weird things this week. First, pioneering experimental filmmaker Ferdinand Leger is apparently listed in the classic book the World Encyclopedia of Cartoons with images from his film Ballet Mecanique.
  7. Second: Austrian experimental filmmaker Peter Kubelka is also an expert on pasta, of all things. Here he is mentioned in a book called Celebrating Italy.
  8. SF360 covers the history of Canyon Cinema in quite a bit of nice detail, plus chronicles several of the co-ops recent struggles.
  9. J. J. Murphy reviews Miranda July’s latest, The Future.
  10. A Jonas Mekas Manifesto declares that films shot on actual film should only be screened on film.
  11. The Phantom of Pulp highly recommends the Korean drama Silenced, if you can stomach it. (He also recently chose a new design for his site that I like.)
  12. Cecilia Araneda has posted some lengthy articles lately. One is about her fellow Winnipeg filmmaker Guy Maddin.
  13. Electric Sheep wraps up its coverage of the London Film Festival with a review blowout blog post, covering We Need to Talk About Kevin, Dreams of a Life, The Kid With a Bike and a ton more.
  14. Donna K. reviews offerings at the traveling Wild & Scenic Film Festival, which sounds like a great project.

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