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Underground Film Links: May 6, 2012

Shirley Clarke directing The Connection
  1. This Week’s Must Read — if you can get through the New York Times paywall — is Manhola Dargis saying that Shirley Clarke is “one of the great undertold stories of American independent cinema.” Ain’t that the truth! Dargis tries to give Clarke as much due as she can in just one article on the occasion of the restoration of The Connection and it’s release in NYC this weekend.
  2. Glenn Kenny also urges folks to go see The Connection in no uncertain terms.
  3. Man, NYC really is the place to be this weekend as donna k. teases Brent Green’s latest installation, To Many Men Strange Fates Are Given, which is on view at the Edlin Gallery this week.
  4. Just a reminder: There’s only a few days left to contribute to the Chicago Underground Film Festival’s Kickstarter campaign. Help support the longest-running underground fest of all time!
  5. And, in that vein, Scott Macauley notes that Kickstarter is people, which is a simple concept, but if you overlook it will cause your campaign to flame out before it begins.
  6. And, in a similar vein to that, Anthony Kaufman ponders that Withoutabox may have passed by its usefulness  a long time ago.
  7. Here’s another piece by Scott Macauley where he interviews documentary filmmaker Jessica Oreck.
  8. David Hudson has moved his insanely popular and helpful “Daily” list of film links over to Fandor, which, obviously, you MUST read!
  9. It appears that Ed Halter and Thomas Beard have become the “must-interview” pair of 2012, as well they should running the awesome Light Industry.
  10. Landscape Suicide has two fabulous stills from Nathaniel Dorsky’s August and After.
  11. Bill Plympton claims certain folks are mad at him for his “Guess the director’s height” game, but we think it’s a genius concept. Filmmakers: Is your height directly relational to your success?
  12. This round-up of academic studies on the use of railroads in motion pictures shows exactly why Film Studies for Free is essential reading, even if it’s not particularly “underground” orientated.
  13. Michael Varrati tries to convince us that Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive is a good movie. He does certainly make me want to watch it again…
  14. BadAzz MoFo has started a fun new feature: Examining the awesome posters for terrible movies. The first two entries are highly entertaining: 1990: The Bronx Warriors and Escape From the Bronx.
  15. Not underground, but we might have to start a new regular feature each week based on Divine’s charge of Raymond and Connie Marble in Pink Flamingos. This week, we hereby find Samuel L. Jackson guilty of Assholism for the casual calling for the firing of New York Times film critic A.O. Scott just because he didn’t like The Avengers.

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