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Underground Film Links: May 30, 2010

  1. Chuck Workman’s documentary Visionaries continues to receive mixed and muted reviews, but it’s really great to see the underground being discussed in such various venues. WFMU has the best review I’ve read so far, written by someone who really knows and understands underground film history. This is this week’s must read link.
  2. It was also fun to read a review-slash-interview with Workman on Hollywood business-oriented website The Wrap. Of course, articles on websites like these don’t include links to references on its subjects — e.g. Mekas, Anthology, Anger, et. al. — so uninformed readers can learn more. C’est la vie. But Workman says something I truly believe and is a guiding principle behind the Underground Film Journal these days: “there’s an audience among people who don’t know experimental film, but would enjoy it if they saw it.”
  3. A couple websites posted up late reports from the 40th anniversary bash for the Anthology Film Archives. V Magazine’s photo spread makes it look like it was a celebrity-studded insider event. Purple Diary has a lovely B&W shot of Kenneth Anger and Jonas Mekas conversing. But Slamxhype tops everybody’s coverage by including actual video of the band performances.
  4. In honor of Criterion’s Brakhage Blu-ray release last week, Making Light of It posted screengrabs and articles about several of the filmmaker’s works, including: The Act of Seeing With One’s Own Eyes; Scenes Under Childhood (Part One); 23rd Psalm Branch and Visions in Meditation. Plus, there’s a scan of a classic conversation between Brakhage, his then-wife Jane and filmmaker Hollis Frampton.
  5. Re:Voir posted up a quick post on semi-forgotten ’60s underground filmmaker Peter Emanuel Goldman, and included two Quicktime excerpts (page may take awhile to load) from Goldman’s Echoes of Silence and Wheel of Ashes.
  6. Not sure if people are taking my advice or not, but here’s the kind of fun thing I was writing about: Bob Moricz posted up “making of” stills from his new short film Spree! All the Way to Mexico. Looks kinda nuts. (In a good way.) Bonus: Moricz writes about the joy of not seeing movies in a theater.
  7. Also, john r. hand posts up pictures from the first day of shooting his new feature The Synthetic Man, and recounts almost getting his balls cut off for art. P.S. Film sounds like it’s going to be another hoot from hand.
  8. Facets Features has a real scoop! 2010 Cannes Palmes d’or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul — for Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Liveslists his all-time favorite Top 10 films, which includes a couple undergrounds by Bruce Baillie and Andy Warhol.
  9. Coincidentally, Landscape Suicide has posted up some lovely screengrabs from Uncle Boommee.
  10. ArtBuzz on the Brooklyn: The Borough blog has a brief write-up on an interesting-sounding art show: Conrad Ventur recreates several of Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests with original participants, including Billy Name, Mario Montez, Ivy Nicholson, Ultraviolet and more.
  11. On the new film community website Flixer, Braden previews Anthony Rivero Stabley’s Everlasting, which should debut sometime in 2010.
  12. Celluloid Breakfast has a brief write-up of Jonas Mekas’ As I Was Moving Ahead … opus.
  13. For anybody who’s wanted to chuck their computer monitor out the window or smash their TV to bits when it started to act wonky, Rhizome has collected a bunch of great videos about such events.
  14. DINCA may just have 7 questions for artist Ali Hossaini, but it turns out to be a very long, exhaustive interview with the artist.
  15. Cineflyer has put up their own note along with the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s Avant-Garde poll.
  16. Video store Videoport recommends their customers rent and watch Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis. Now that’s a great video store!
  17. IndiePix notes that they’ve picked up Nerdcore for Life for distribution. The film screened at the 2008 Atlanta Underground Film Festival.
  18. Is Google TV the future of underground film distribution? Chuck Tryon weighs the pros and cons.
  19. Not underground, but Chopping Mall writes up what sounds like an awesome “lost” film that needs to be rediscovered: Son of Hitler, a comedy starring Bud Cort and Peter Cushing.

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