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Underground Film Links: May 29, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 29, 2011

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Go grill and chill with some great links:

  1. I’ve been beating people over the head with this all week, but in case you missed it, I participated in an online roundtable discussion instigated by the Edinburgh International Film Festival all about film writing on the web. Go check out my essays and the ones by my fabulous co-panelists! (Best if you start at the bottom and work your way up.) (And thanks to the fest for making the awesome above image based on my idea.)
  2. The Migrating Forms fest ends tonight. Here’s CinemaScope on one of the films that screened over the past week: Liu Jiayin’s Oxhide.
  3. Travalanche has a long, lovely profile of underground film star the Rev. Jen.
  4. For Moving Image Source, Tom McCormack has a detailed history of the “supercut,” i.e. media montage making, from the films of Bruce Conner to Lost cut-ups.
  5. PopStar has an interview with Mad World director Cory Cataldo on the issue of teen bullying.
  6. Rhizome has a long, interesting interview with media artist Jens Wunderling about his interactive art.
  7. Via Making Light of It: Fred Camper has put up his 2001 review of the landscape films of Chris Welsby.
  8. Project Child Murdering Robot ponders the un-necessity of avoiding spoilers and what it takes for someone to actually walk out of a film.
  9. Bob Moricz wasn’t very taken with Coffin Joe’s return to the screen, Embodiment of Evil.
  10. Candlelight Stories is impressed with the films of Fred. L’Epee and Dimitra Pouliopoulou.
  11. Richard Wolstencroft has posted up his Bloodfest Fantastique director’s statement for the world to be terrified by.
  12. Thanks to Nothing But the Doc for the plug in their roundup of recent documentary film news.
  13. This is more of an announcement for an event last night than a news piece, but I like the headline: “Schlock in Schenectady.”
  14. Congrats to Paul Campion to landing some L.A. representation.
  15. Gotta put up at least one profile of Todd Phillips thanks to The Hangover Part II being in theaters now. The Kansas City Star has a good one, bringing up the director’s underground past.
  16. Not underground (but hilarious): Using hot dogs to work your iPad/iPhone.
  17. Not underground: This is an interesting Variety industry look at the revived “fertile ground” of  the indie filmmaking business. Make content, not films, as one hopeful puts it.