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Underground Film Links: May 26, 2013

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 26, 2013

Pro8mm cartridge of Super 8mm Color Reversal Film
  1. Pro8mm will be filling a void beginning next month when they will start offering a color reversal Super 8mm film.
  2. The Baltimore Sun interviewed underground film superstar actress Mink Stole about her upcoming album and her decision to move back to Baltimore.
  3. Should music videos be considered art? Donna k. muses.
  4. Jonas Mekas has video of himself at the 2013 Greenburger Awards at the New School.
  5. The Phantom of Pulp gives a rave review to Charlie Casanova, which is out now on DVD from Brink.
  6. For 366 Weird Movies, Alfred Eaker considers the 1926 film Sparrows starring Mary Pickford. Also, Otto Black on L’Age D’Or.
  7. Did you know that Darren McGavin once directed a horror movie? I didn’t either.
  8. Malik Waldon, a high school intern at the Aurora Picture Show, writes a little piece on why he likes the animated films of Bill Plympton.
  9. Not much underground film interest happening at Cannes this year, but Fandor rounds up talk about the interesting sounding new Jim Jarmusch film, Only Lovers Left Alive.
  10. This is a couple months old, but the Horror Movie Diary put up their list of Best Horror Short Films of 2012 and included several Underground Film Journal favorites, including Brian Lonano’s The Transmission and Greg Hanson & Casey Regan’s Thy Kill Be Done.
  11. Not underground, not film: Coney Island recently revamped their website, which looks very snazzy. Putting this out there just because I love (and miss) Coney Island and they do hold an awesome film festival there.

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