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Underground Film Links: May 23, 2010

  1. The big event last week was the historic Anthology Film Archive’s 40th anniversary shindig held on Wed. May 19. They awarded Kenneth Anger with a Life Achievement Honor and had performances by Technicolor Skull (Kenneth Anger and Brian Butler), Lou Reed, Sonic Youth, The Virgins and Moby. If you’re pissed you couldn’t go, like me, at least Vice has photos of the event. (Video anyone?) (Film?)
  2. The event was also a fundraiser to help Jonas Mekas convert the entire Anthology rare film collection to digital. That includes about 70,000 films. Yikes! And good luck!
  3. Underground film critic and historian — and artist in his own right — Fred Camper has some art shows coming up in NYC, Paris and Chicago. DINCA has the details and samples of some work you might see, as well as a series of color transitions work by Camper.
  4. In anticipation of the new Criterion Blu-ray collection of Stan Brakhage‘s films, Making Light of It has already started compiling reviews of the discs and noting the lack of critical insight so far — although I’m sure that will come later. MLoI also posted up some pretty stills from Luis GuerĂ­n’s Unas Fotos en la ciudad de Sylvia.
  5. Tom Tenney has posted an essay for an independent cinema class at The New School about the relationship between ’60s underground film and other art movements. Hope he got a good grade.
  6. Landscape Suicide has some sad — to my Western eyes — images from the films of Jean Rouch. Although they’re from different films, these three stills tell one simple story. Also, is cinema dead per Jean-Luc Godard?
  7. Bob Moricz gets all the way up to Friday the 13th VII: The New Blood, one of the stranger, but oddly satisfying films in the series. I particularly dig Moricz’s appreciation of Friday‘s greatest Jason, Kane Hodder, whom I met once and was a super nice guy.
  8. Does the Phantom of Pulp hate women? I’m not into the extreme stuff the Phantom is, but I totally understand and appreciate his POV.
  9. I haven’t read many reports from the Montreal Underground Film Festival that wrapped last week, but Montreal Indies says it rocked.
  10. I’m really looking forward to seeing at some point Joshua Grannell’s horror spoof All About Evil and I don’t want spoilers, so I didn’t read Quiet Earth’s review of the film yet. But you can if you want to.
  11. Founder of the Aurora Picture Show, Andrea Grover, reports on her involvement with a Twitter Book Club — the reading wave of the future? — and includes a great video of Andy Warhol making computer art.
  12. Not quite underground, but professor Chuck Tryon has been keeping his eye on the crowd-sourcing technique of funding films. It’s not an idea I’m wild about myself, but Tryon reports on the evolution of Iron Sky.

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