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Underground Film Links: May 2, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 2, 2010

Back when I first started the Underground Film Journal, an early boost in traffic, awareness and respectability came when film link archivist David Hudson started linking here at his original home on GreenCine Daily. Now when I’m compiling my weekly Film Links posts, I always think back to those days. Of course, Hudson is still doing his thing, although now he’s over at The Auteurs and on Twitter, and I found it amusing that last week the link master linked to my post of links. It’s like the ultimate loop of film linkage! Thanks, David. Here’s this week’s batch:

  1. This is a long one — and a great one! — so it’s going first: Ed Halter surveys the prolific career of filmmaker Kevin Jerome Everson. I’ve only personally seen a smattering of Everson’s work at festivals and such and I’ve always enjoyed it, but it was truly interesting to learn how much of his documentaries and found footage films are manipulated by him. This is the must-read of the week even if you’ve never seen an Everson film.
  2. Underground Film Journal pal Brian Lonano is the subject of a great, lengthy interview with the blog Z for Zombies in which they discuss Attackazoids!, the beauty of lo-fi special effects and more.
  3. Experimental Cinema has the details about submitting your underground film to the Cut and Run East Coast tour. Sounds like a good opportunity.
  4. More reviews of Chuck Workman’s documentary Visionaries, about Jonas Mekas and avant-garde film, that just played at the Tribeca Film Festival. L Magazine calls it “dippy and earnest.” Ben Umstead of Twitch says it’s “Flowing over with a great exuberance.” The Unpaid Film Critic says “very comprehensive and accessible.”
  5. Usama Alshaibi has posted up three more colorful film stills from his latest film-in-progress, Profane. (WARNING: Partial, long-distance nudity.)
  6. Jennifer Reeves has made a short film for Film in Focus on what it’s like to be a mother and an experimental filmmaker.
  7. Speaking of babies: Congrats to Rupert of SnuffBox Films for becoming a father for the third time. Plus, Rupert also takes a look at the problems with naming your own production company.
  8. More scans by Making Light of It: First, a look at the work of Bruce Bailie. Then, a 1974 interview with Ken Jacobs and Jerry Sims conducted by Lindley Hanlon for Film Culture magazine. (Not sure where these scans are coming from, though.)
  9. DINCA has posted up 7 trippy screengrabs from Storm de Hirsch’s classic Peyote Queen. (WARNING: Nudity.)
  10. Dicky B. on the Scout Network Blog invokes Jonas Mekas on how 8mm home movies are modern folk art.
  11. I think Bob Moricz is about halfway through his Friday the 13th review retrospective when he covers Part VI: Jason Lives.
  12. Not underground, but Amy Boyd of Facets has a several part series on the 2010 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. Here’s the link to the first part — you’ll have to click around yourself for the rest. And, if you missed them, Chuck Tryon has a bunch of reviews from the fest as well. No clear link to them specifically, but you can find them here. (P.S. Proper tagging and categorizing can be everybody’s friend.)
  13. In other documentary film festival news: Dork Shelf has previews of a few films at the 2010 Hot Docs starting April 29, including Blank City, a doc about the No Wave film scene. Hadn’t heard of this film before, but dying to see it now.
  14. Also not underground, but j.j. murphy dissects the indie film Passenger Side.
  15. Lastly, Roger Ebert calls 2010 the “golden age of film criticism.” Glad to be a part of it.

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