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Underground Film Links: March 4, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 4, 2012

Spiders in Love pages in Colburn book
    1. This Week’s Must Look At: The artist book Don’t Kill the Weatherman by Martha Colburn has an online photograph preview and it looks stunning! I love Martha’s animation, but it always moves so quickly that it’s tough to savor the actual art. But, now I can! The above borrowed image is from frames from the film Spiders in Love: An Arachnogasmic Musical, the first Colburn film I ever saw way back in 2000. (If you go to the photo set, you can find details on how to purchase this limited edition.)
    2. Craig Baldwin has published issue #22 of Otherzine. You can read the whole thing here. But, two highlights are: An interview with Dominic Gagnon, who is seeking to save “censored” online videos; and curator Brenda Contreras reviews Sylvia Schedelbauer’s found footage film, Sounding Glass.
    3. This one’s for Canyon Cinema members only: But if you are one, you can run to become a Board Member. However, the deadline to submit an email of your intentions is tomorrow.
    4. Filmmaker Nina Menkes, who’s been having a major retrospective of her work in L.A. and NYC the past few weeks, was interviewed by Elvis Mitchell for KCRW radio.

  1. Is Medway, Kent, England going to be the new Hollywood? Yes, if filmmaker, writer and school teacher Mark Young (East 3) has anything to say about it.
  2. Congrats to Light Industry’s Ed Halter and Thomas Beard who have curated the film program at this year’s Whitney Biennial. WYNC interviewed Ed and Thomas about how they got the gig and what they’ve chosen for the show.
  3. The Sick House interviewed Australian horror filmmaker Stuart Simpson about his just released in the U.S. DVD El Monstro Del Mar.
  4. Robert Maier met artist Jean-Michel Basquiat while working on the movie Downtown 81. Afterwards, Maier bought a painting from the artist for $100, then lost millions on it. Sort of. Maybe. Plus, one of John Waters’ regulars, George Stover, was shot in the neck recently and lived.
  5. James Fotopoulos analyzes his own film career.
  6. Making Light of It has scanned in numerous articles about Ernie Gehr, including appreciations by J. Hoberman and Scott MacDonald.
  7. Nuns That Bite. Great title, mediocre movie, according to the Phantom of Pulp.
  8. Cineflyer reprints an interview with Mary Harron, one of the Underground Film Journal’s favorite directors. We’re still stunned her extremely maligned American Psycho has become a respectable classic, so much so that a crappy remake is in the works without Harron.
  9. Electric Sheep interviews Alex Cox about the Blu-ray release of Repo Man. “Otto? Otto Parts?”
  10. Next in donna k.’s interview series: Action sculptor Kate Gilmore.
  11. Michael Varrati thinks Asia Argento is a filmmaker you should know. Not sure if we agree, but go read.
  12. Way not underground and way not film: TheĀ Underground Film Journal was sad to hear about the passing of comic book legend Sheldon Moldoff.

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