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Underground Film Links: March 3, 2013

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 3, 2013

Jonas Mekas leaps into the air from a New York City sidewalk
  1. This Week’s Must Read is actually a few weeks old, but I’ve been skipping these links posts a lot. Anyway… The Brooklyn Rail got a bunch of big names, such as P. Adams Sitney and Ken Jacobs, to discuss the legacy of their friend, Jonas Mekas. That legacy, of course, can never be summed up in just one article, but this is good.
  2. Media artist Clint Enns interviewed media artist Sabrina Ratté about her working process. Clint’s probably one of the most insightful people regarding our world of experimental media I know, so this is a must read.
  3. Filmmaker Magazine interviewed one of our favorite underground comedy directors, Zach Clark, about his new Christmas movie White Reindeer, which, of course, we’re dying to see.
  4. Our pal J.J. Murphy recently posted his annual “Best of 2012” indie films list, as he traditionally does around this time of year. Lot of great things to discover! One of those films on his list is Julia Loktev’s The Loneliest Planet, which he also recently reviewed.
  5. You don’t normally get to read academic folks writing about the infamous Troma Films, so it’s a treat to see Professor Chuck Tryon analyzing their work in the crowdfunding field.
  6. Ostensibly, it was John Waters’ original Hairspray that was my gateway drug into the underground film world. Therefore I have to link to this “Where Are They Now?” slideshow of the cast, although I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t track down Penny Pingleton.
  7. Making Light of It scanned and posted up a 1993 article on the work of Robert Breer by Greg Taylor that was originally published in Wide Angle. Also, the first issue of Cinema Now.
  8. Bob Moricz discusses the honor of being rejected by film festivals.
  9. Donna k. analyzes film and video as objects.
  10. John R. Hand, who has been absent from this site for way too long, posted up the poster for the intriguingly titled The Synthetic Man.
  11. And, on a personal note, I recently put together and launched the website for my TV and film producin’ wife, Jessica Everleth, this past week.

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