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Underground Film Links: March 25, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 25, 2012

Movie director Paul Bartel
  1. This week’s Must Read: Michael Varrati excellent profile of filmmaker, actor and all-around B-movie icon Paul Bartel. Not only is the article a terrific overview of Bartel’s amazing career, but the personal angle Varrati uncharacteristically tosses in is very moving.
  2. What do Abel Ferrara and John Carpenter have in common? Um, well, the Phantom of Pulp has some not nice words for them, of which he’s completely correct. Plus, a rave review of the little seen film Boy Wonder.
  3. I already urged people to do this on Facebook, but now I’m urging you all over again: Please encourage Mark Toscano to write more about the projects he’s preserving at the motion picture academy. These are articles we need to read!
  4. I have never heard of the horror movie Burning Moon (1997) and no matter how much Rick Trembles claims its awful in his latest Snubdom, he makes it sound like a must-see. The POV of an eyeball being rammed down somebody’s mouth? That sounds kind of cool!
  5. Glenn Kenny has a terrific excerpt from an old article he wrote about watching grindhouse flicks at the Plaza Theater in Paterson, NJ in the late ’70s and ’80s. Some great experiences!
  6. Donna k. interviews green screen media artist Erica Magrey, aka Metalmags, whose little bit of work I sampled there seems like an unholy alliance between Sid & Marty Krofft and George & Mike Kuchar.
  7. Babara Anastacio has some wonderful words of advice from Jonas Mekas.
  8. Robert Maier has racked up a couple more reviews for his awesome book Low Budget Hell: The Houston Press not only says very nice things about it, but they interviewed Maier as well. PopMatters has a not-as-nice review that kind of irks me.
  9. DINCA has a short interview with Sara Ludy, a Vancouver-based multimedia artist.
  10. Cineflyer raves about the direct cinema experiment Marchaloops by filmmaker Devon Damonte. I gotta go watch those myself now.
  11. Jesse McLean has posted up some of her students’ reactions to her video installation course she’s been teaching at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Fun class.
  12. The new Senses of Cinema issue (#62) is out, which includes — among many, many other things — this review of George Kuchar’s Wild Night in El Reno.
  13. Robert Putka had a good, inspiring time at SXSW.
  14. Bob Moricz discusses starting work on his latest underground opus, Charlemagne!
  15. Brakhage in repose

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