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Underground Film Links: March 18, 2012

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 18, 2012

The Wolfman as President
  1. This Week’s Must Read: The guys at Stag Films have been maintaining a blog about their “green filmmaking” philosophy and, more importantly, about their latest upcoming epic, President Wolfman. Some great articles on their working process that you need to check out.
  2. The Glen Park Association has a gallery report and pictures from a new show of the late Bruce Conner’s work at the at the Gallery Paule Anglim. The show is made up of photographs that Conner took about the San Francisco punk scene.
  3. Cineflyer gives props to Winnipeg animator Leslie Supnet, whose praises need to be sung about more frequently all over the ‘net.
  4. Landscape Suicide points out a few highlights of Newcastle’s AV Festival, including work by Bela Tarr and James Benning.
  5. Luke Black posts some highlights from this year’s $100 Film Festival that was just held in Calgary. He’s got a bunch of films I need to check out.
  6. Donna K. snaps some pics about Brent Green’s new home recording studio for his next film. Then, she raves about We Need to Talk About Kevin, a film I still need to see.
  7. J. J. Murphy has also reviewed We Need to Talk About Kevin.
  8. The Daily Grindhouse interviews Stuart Simpson about his just released in the U.S. El Monstro Del Mar.
  9. The Phantom of Pulp gives a brief rundown on sadism on cinema, a topic if you read his blog regularly know he’s quite expert in. Plus, he praises the original incarnation of the Cinefantastique magazine — some lovely covers to look at there.
  10. Bob Moricz is shooting a new flick this week, Charlemagne’s Terror Explosion, and predictably we’re very excited.
  11. Electric Sheep helps introduce Western audiences to the work of Japanese writer and filmmaker Shuji Terayama.

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