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Underground Film Links: March 13, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 13, 2011

Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers
  1. Production equipment savvy? Living in Calgary or looking to move there? The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers wants to hire a Production Coordinator to help manage their equipment. Visit their site for details.
  2. Speaking of Canada, Rhizome has a cool video from a ’70s Canadian arts show where artist Evelyn Roth discusses crocheting sculptures out of videotape. Plus, Rhizome finally has their archives back online.
  3. Then, Experimental Cinema has news of a DVD of Canadian filmmaker Joyce Wieland’s films being released.
  4. Are female horror directors on the rise in the U.K.? Eleanor McKeown investigates for Electric Sheep.
  5. Then, for Peaches Christ’s website, Michael Varrati sticks up for the much maligned slasher genre. Hear, hear! They’re just damn fun, is all!
  6. Listen to the mellifluous voice of Mike Plante discussing his new Cinemad distribution effort.
  7. Landscape Suicide has some very lovely stills from Hollis Frampton’s underground classic Zorns Lemma, if you scroll past the Fritz Lang ones, which are nice, too.
  8. For the tech-web-savvy out there, Smashing Magazine runs down what you can do with video in the new HTML5 programming language. Seems a bit intimidating at first, but it’s a pretty clear tutorial.
  9. In a similar vein, Mashable has 8 simple tips for making your bland YouTube channel look a bit zippier.
  10. Beyond YouTube, Film Studies for Free has links to Video Vortex’s papers on the future of online video.
  11. And, Roger Ebert runs down several movie streaming services online now and, of course, gives his opinion on each.
  12. Mike Miley reviews Glyn Davis’ book on Todd Haynes’ underground cult classic Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story.
  13. Matt McCormick sheds some light on his new documentary The Great Northwest, which sounds like a lot of fun.
  14. Rupert covers new developments in the appalling issue of government-sponsored censorship in Australia.
  15. Robert G. Putka attended his screening of Hooka Face and the Virgin Boy at this year’s Cinekink in NYC, where he was neither mugged nor molested. (Good for the first thing, bad for the second given the nature of his film.)
  16. Aprille Ross lists the Boston Underground Film Festival as one of 8 fun things to do in March. Hell, yes, it is!
  17. Luke Black loved Craig Orrett’s short film Fowls, which he saw at the recent $100 Film Festival, so much, he went ahead and embedded it on his website. (I haven’t watched it yet, but it’s in my queue.)
  18. Ekrem Serdar sings the praises of his good friend, filmmaker Scott Puccio, who it sounds like makes very interesting video view boxes.
  19. New Directors/New Films has posted up a brief oral history about their early days.
  20. The Pictures interviews documentary filmmaker Angelique Bosio about her new film on Bruce LaBruce, The Advocate for Fagdom.
  21. Oakazine has a revealing new interview with Nick Zedd. Did you know his biggest inspiration was 1957’s low budget sci-fi oddity The Giant Claw?
  22. The Phantom of Pulp raves about the films of Japanese cult cinema director Koji Wakamatsu, who’s relatively unknown just about everywhere.
  23. Bob Moricz just received an incredibly awesome original movie poster for John Waters’ Female Trouble that I’m completely jealous about.
  24. Patrick Smith has lots of more great animation tips. I don’t animate, but I like the one about seeing “around” a figure.
  25. Not underground: If you live in L.A., you’ve either heard of or been to Eddie Brandt’s Saturday Matinee, a true shrine to cinema. Sadly, I’ve not been. Even more sadly, Eddie Brandt passed away recently.

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