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Underground Film Links: June 9, 2013

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 9, 2013

Abstract portrait of animator Leslie Supnet
  1. For this week’s Must Read, the Toronto Film Review has interviewed five local women filmmakers: Nadia Litz, Sofia Bohdanowicz, Sophie Goyette, Ashley McKenzie, and the Journal’s favorite, Leslie Supnet.
  2. Michael Varrati shines a spotlight on a unique genre: Gay horror.
  3. The CBC Manitoba profiles filmmaker Solomon Nagler regarding his first feature film, Gravity and Grace.
  4. While the Internet is a great place to find and participate in discussions about outre film genres and the like, the movie zine world that preceded the web was truly much more intimate, friendly and fun. So, the Phantom of Pulp pays tribute to one of his favorite Australian zines of yore, Crimson Celluloid.
  5. The Los Angeles Times reviews the films, installations and artwork of Phil Solomon, which are currently screening in the movie city capitol.
  6. Fandor interviews prolific indie filmmaking staple Todd Verow, then profiles transgressive filmmaker Jon Moritsugu.
  7. The Desistfilm blog spends an evening with Saul Levine.
  8. This looks like an interesting idea that’s in the works: Split Beam is creating an interactive directory of microcinemas to make it easier for distributors to book shows.
  9. In a bizarre coincidence last week, there were two unrelated articles on the art of the jump cut that crossed my path. First, Neil Needleman examines if the jump cut is used way too often in modern media, and the other was David Bordwell on the power of the jump cut as related to the films of King Hu.
  10. Kiss Me Bloody is an awesome film title.

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