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Underground Film Links: June 6, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 6, 2010

I think this is my longest collection of links yet. Enjoy!

  1. Professor Chuck Tryon is working on a new book, which should be awesome since his first one was so great. In preparation, he’s interviewing indie filmmakers about their experiences working in our new digital culture and posting the results online. His first interview is up and it’s with fellow professor Chris Hansen, whose films are routinely reviewed on the Underground Film Journal. Hansen provides some great, insightful answers about the challenges of still getting one’s films in front of viewer eyeballs amid the deluge of video online these days. The interview is up in two parts, and you should read them both: Part One and Part Two.
  2. In a vaguely related link, the Film Doctor linked to a superb article by Caitlin Kelly on True/Slant called appropriately enough “Why Crap Gets Read And Real News Doesn’t: The Inherent Dilemma Of Writing For Page Views.” Read? Viewed? It’s all the same concept. That’s why “the underground” is still “underground” in our culture.
  3. And in very exciting news: Canyon Cinema has finally revamped their website! It’s very modern and swanky looking and a bit easier to navigate. AND it’s built with WordPress, naturally.
  4. Video artist Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez gives the details of the first of his series of videos to be projected at outdoor gardens in and around Miami. The overall project is called Elusive Landscape and the first screening will be at Arch Creek Park.
  5. Jennifer Reeves just got back from viewing a “film without a camera” exhibit in Germany, and boy is she excited! She’s got a piece in the show, too.
  6. Professor Bryan Waterman looks at Allen Ginsberg’s influence across the arts in NYC in the ’60s, including his involvement with some underground film classics.
  7. Making Light of It continues its Stan Brakhage rampage with a ton of stills from the filmmaker’s work and several random musings.
  8. Joseph Jon Lanthier reviews the new By Brakhage Blu-ray package over on Slant and gives it four out of five stars.
  9. Culture writer Daniel Garber is the latest to review Jennifer Kroot’s amazing documentary It Came From Kuchar. Plus, the Haight Ashbury Beat has a quick write-up on the film in advance of the film screening in S.F. this month. Go see it if you live in the Bay Area. It’s a great film.
  10. On Tiny Mix Tapes, Valentina Tapia reviews Chuck Workman’s Visionaries documentary on Jonas Mekas and the ’60s avant-garde.
  11. Mekas himself delivers a manifesto from Krakow.
  12. Vaguely Mekas-related: Vadim Rizov appropriates a quote from a review of Visionaries to question whether or not it’s best for directors to keep their holes shut.
  13. The Aurora Picture Show would like you to meet their three new summer interns.
  14. Underground film journalist and historian Jack Sargeant finally reveals his obsession with the weather with pictures and report on the Time Tunnel appearing over Australia.
  15. Animator Bill Plympton attended the recent National Cartoonist Society Convention in Jersey City to talk to cartoonists about maybe getting into animation like he did.
  16. Here’s a great interview with animator Brent Green about how he got into animation.
  17. The Phantom of Pulp goes gaga over the biography on exploitation filmmaker Andy Milligan, The Ghastly One by Jimmy McDonough.
  18. Another book review: Rhizome’s Nathaniel Stern reviews Kate Mondloch’s Screens: Viewing Media Installation Art.
  19. Last book review: Nick Cato, the Antibacterial Pope, reviews the new book by the Pope of Trash, John Waters, called Role Models. Sounds like I have to get this based on this review.
  20. Also on Rhizome, Karen Archey reports on the highlights, and a few lowlights, from the 2nd annual Migrating Forms held last month.
  21. Bob Moricz posts up a pair of new stills from his film Spree. Plus, he gives a fun lesson in Film Promotion 101.