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Underground Film Links: June 5, 2011

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 5, 2011

  1. Now this is what I always want to see more of: Filmmaker Chris Hansen started chronicling the shoot for his latest feature film, An Affair. He has several posts up, so I recommend going to his June blog archives to read up on how it’s going. (The shoot’s still in it’s very early stages.) I know blogging after a day of shooting probably sucks, but I love reading production diaries.
  2. In case you missed the fascinating recent dust up between the media advocacy group Reel Grrls and Comcast, Flip the Media has a great article on it, including the positive outcome of the whole thing.
  3. Usama Alshaibi’s Profane screened at the Chicago Underground Film Festival the other day and Ben Sachs has a capsule review of it in the Chicago Reader, which focuses on the film’s more lurid aspects.
  4. Speaking of CUFF, the Chicago Sun-Times has an excellent article and capsule reviews of many of the films.
  5. And Chicago Art Machine re-runs an interview with filmmaker Jerzy Rose, whose Some Girls Never Learn opened CUFF this year.
  6. Working Class Magazine has a terrific interview with Steve Cossman about his films and the creation of his Mono No Aware annual event.
  7. For the Stanford Arts Review, sophomore journalism student Kyle O’Malley reviews the controversial, very sexual short films of Curt McDowell.
  8. For the New York Times, Mike Hale reviewed Matt McCormick’s feature debut Some Days Are Better Than Others, which just opened at the Cinema Village.
  9. The Morton Report previews the National Film Preservation Foundation’s Treasures V collection, which will feature old, restored Western films. The box set will be out in September.
  10. Dan Falk, a science journalist, reviews several experimental films based on scientific principals for CultureLab and has a largely positive experience. One film included in the bunch is Thorsten Fleisch’s Gestalt.
  11. Mike White has a report from his Impossibly Funky book tour, which features readings and screenings. Of special note, pay attention to how much is involved in this tour, then check out how many books he’s sold at each stop.
  12. The Calgary Herald profiled director Mike Peterson, who is wrapping up work on his first feature film Lloyd the Conqueror, starring Mike Smith and Brian Posehn.
  13. For the LUX arts agency, Mark Williams reports on Barcelona’s 9th annual LOOP video art fair.
  14. I absolutely love these stills Landscape Suicide pulled from the 1936 film The Only Son by Yasujiro Ozu.
  15. This is old, but I found it doing some research: Andrea Grover ponders the making of hybrid “love child” underground films. In more modern news, Grover defines “earworms” to us, which isn’t as revolting as it sounds.
  16. Patrick Smith notes the passing of indie animator Karen Aqua.
  17. And Making Light of It notes the passing of Adofas Mekas. So did the NYTimes.
  18. Bob Moricz reports on a recent screening of his autobiographical documentary.
  19. CinemaScream reviewed Paul Campion’s feature horror debut The Devil’s Rock, saying it “defies all expectations.”
  20. Crikey film reviewer Luke Buckmaster takes on Sydney-based horror flick The Tunnel, which is getting some press for being released via BitTorrent. Chopping Mall also has a Tunnel review.
  21. Academic studies on George A. Romero’s zombie pictures? Film Studies for Free has a ton of links!
  22. What’s the difference between a film critic and a film academic? Michael Joshua Rowin explains.
  23. Hmmm, what’s Jack Sargeant currently reading?
  24. Donna k. checked out WR: Mysteries of the Organism at the Bildrausch Filmfest Basel.
  25. Apparently, Netflix’s CEO says his company’s film selection kinda sucks. (Ok, that’s maybe an extreme reading by me.) That company needs to go the underground / indie /cult film route.
  26. I personally get tons of requests to promote Kickstarter film fundraising efforts (and finally think I’ve come up with a way to handle most of ’em), so I always wonder if there’s not a Kickstarter backlash coming. There’s only so much that can “win” funding. (Isn’t Kickstarter set up kind of like a game show?) Anyway, Anthony Kaufman is trending towards supporting the Kickstarter model after previously naysaying it.

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