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Underground Film Links: June 27, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 27, 2010

  1. Flamethrower Magazine conducted an impressive and extensive interview with underground film raconteur Mike Z about his hoax filmmaking career and his Charles Manson inspired stage show, The Strip Cult, which may become a major musical.
  2. The Chicago Underground Film Festival is this week and Hollywood Chicago passionately recommended seeing the opening night film, The Wild Hunt. Chicago Journal ran an overview of the fest. Chicago Tribune’s Michael Phillips — whom I thoroughly enjoy on At the Movies — wrote a brief preview focusing on Jonas Mekas. Newcity Film liked the Chicago-produced documentary Scrappers. True/Slant also raved about Scrappers.
  3. Also in Chicago, the Reader named The Nightingale as the 2010 Best Alternative Film Venue in the city.
  4. On Cinema Scope, Michael Sicinski profiles and interviews British experimental filmmaker Ben Rivers, which prompts Making Light of It to offer its own assessment of Rivers’ work.
  5. Blake Williams looks at the evolution of the long, static shot between film and video, focusing specifically on Michael Snow’s seminal Wavelength and the more recent film by James Benning, Ruhr.
  6. Michele “Izzy” Galgana, the Associate Director of Programming for the Boston Underground Film Festival, is now contributing to the blog All Things Horror. Her first post takes a look at evil children inĀ  movies.
  7. Reid Rosefelt reminisces about his meeting Andy Warhol in the late ’70s that ended with the artist frustratingly claiming that not seeing his films was better than actually seeing them. The story then inspires Jim Emerson to speculate there might be an entire class of films like that.
  8. DINCA was busy this week with Italian movie posters for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s midnight movie classic El Topo; 7 frames from Robert Breer’s 1986 film Bang!; 7 frames from Deborah Stratman’s Shrimp Chicken Fish; looking at Saul Levine’s A Note to Pati to ruminate on editing in the avant-garde; and video of Chicago’s insane weather last week.
  9. A very excited Drew Henkels posted up his gorgeous poster for last night’s Gravity Was Everywhere Last Night screening and live performance at Rooftop Films.
  10. Yes, reviews of It Came From Kuchar continue to trickle in. Zach Freeman is the latest to weigh in.
  11. Landscape Suicide has had a hard day at the factory.
  12. Jennifer Reeves has her dream come true when she gets to project When It Was Blue in Barcelona on July 30.
  13. Marisa Olson reprints a review of one of her pieces, Double Bind, playing at BAM/PFA.
  14. Possibly the strangest art form crossover ever has to be the one between underground comics giant Art Spiegelman and the Pilobilus dance troupe. But, what’s that have to do with underground film? Part of the performance is an homage to early experimental animator Oskar Fischinger.
  15. Prepare to be violated: It’s Day 5 of shooting John R. Hand’s The Synthetic Man.
  16. Vivian Wong has redesigned her website in a new, simpler style.
  17. Pixar fan Bill Plympton raves about Toy Story 3. Plus, Bill gets feted at the Annecy animation festival in France.
  18. Not underground, but when BadAzz MoFo rants about racist casting in cinema, you better shut the hell up and listen.