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Underground Film Links: June 24, 2012

Packed shelves at the Film-Makers' Cooperative in New York City
  1. Today’s Must Read is a fantastic sneak peek inside the Film-Makers’ Coop archives on the Capital New York website. Learn about the more oddball artifacts it keeps, the efforts to preserve older films and more. The only thing I object to is Coop executive director M.M. Serra flatly stating that experimental film is not “entertainment.” Yeah, I understand the need to differentiate experimental film from mainstream film, but experimental film is HIGHLY entertaining! It’s just “entertaining” in different ways than plot-driven film is. Watching an experimental film is not a downer of an intellectual experience. It’s fun! Can we all start saying this from now on: Experimental film is fun!
  2. Rick Trembles tackles Ridley Scott’s Prometheus for Motion Picture Purgatory. Sadly, the Montreal Mirror, the alt-weekly in which Rick’s strip appeared for well over a decade went under last week.
  3. Donna k. also reviews Prometheus. I’m interested in her take, but I’m waiting to see the movie first, if I ever do.
  4. Chopping Mall reviews the fun-sounding horror movie Mold. And, no, CM “Mould” would be a documentary about Bob Mould.
  5. J. J. Murphy reviews Alison Bagnall’s The Dish and the Spoon.
  6. DINCA reviews Robert Todd’s feature length experimental documentary Master Plan.
  7. Robert Meier shows off the cheapo publicity comb handed out by the producers of John Waters’ Cry-Baby.
  8. Salise Hughes shows off an old art piece by her based on a friend’s dream.
  9. Making Light of It posts up the filmmaking notes of Pat O’Neill’s Water and Power. Plus, an interesting compendium of filmmaker profiles.
  10. Brenda Contreras has been turned on to bell hook’s take on females and people of color in popular culture.
  11. 366 Weird Movies tackles one of the classics: Un Chien Andalou.
  12. Temple of Schlock gives the lowdown on the fun-sounding exploitation flick Wedding Night (1970).
  13. Rhizome takes a look at the history of robots making movies, beginning with Michael Snow’s La RĂ©gion Centrale.
  14. Film Studies for Free is compiling a list of articles by and about late movie critic Andrew Sarris.

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