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Underground Film Links: June 20, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 20, 2010

One of the interesting things about doing these links posts every week is finding the vague, synchronous connections between many of the entries. It’s usually not obvious, and definitely never planned. But, like with this week, there was a real “back to nature” theme between many of the posts, e.g. lots of pictures of trees, an “onion” city festival, a landscape film installation and others. It’s kind of weird when that happens.

  1. donna k. put up a brief note about Brent Green‘s live performance of Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then at L.A.’s Hammer Museum on June 15. I was there and it was indeed a wonderful event. Even nicer was my opportunity to finally meet Brent and Donna in person after the show. Good folks. And if the roadshow comes to your town: GO!
  2. The Chicago Tribune wrote up a little preview of the Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, which is taking place in the Windy City this weekend. Also interesting in the article is fest programmer Patrick Friel attempting to give a definition of the term “experimental film.”
  3. Bob Moricz reminisces about his experiences at the Portland Underground Film Festival, held last weekend.
  4. Filmmaker Chris Hansen is profiled by the school he works at, Baylor University, for his latest film, Endings, which was recently reviewed on the Underground Film Journal. Plus, Hansen posts the cover of the new Dr. Who book he edited called Ruminations, Peregrinations, and Regenerations: A Critical Approach to Doctor Who.
  5. Filmmaking brothers Jared and Justin Varava have launched a swanky new website for their production company, An Illusion of Movement. Go watch their short films, music videos and more.
  6. John R. Hand continues to upload stills from his shooting The Synthetic Man. Here’s Day 3 and Day 4.
  7. Making Light of It compares shots from Chantal Akerman’s lovely 1972 film Hôtel Monterey to paintings by Edward Hopper. Plus, photos to make camera enthusiasts drool.
  8. Jonathan Rosenbaum republishes a 1981 review of David Bordwell’s book The Films of Carl-Theodor Dreyer, who was a big influence on the underground back in the day and the article includes a photo of Dreyer taken by Jonas Mekas.
  9. Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez has some gorgeous pictures from her film-in-the-park installation, Elusive Landscape.
  10. Landscape Suicide sees the forest in the trees. Plus, more outdoors-y stuff.
  11. GladdieHarbor recommends people go see The Wild Hunt at the Chicago Underground Film Festival, which is coming up.
  12. Facets Features held a contest on Facebook for fans to submit reviews of films playing at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival. The first winner is Joe Alderman’s review of Look Into My Eyes, directed by Naftaly Gliksberg. Then, go to the blog’s homepage to find more winners.
  13. Invisible Cinema posted up another nice poem, a translation of Armand Silvestre’s The Secret.
  14. Andrea Grover has notes from the TEDx Houston event on June 12, covering speakers Brené Brown, Dan Phillips, Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Stephen Kleinberg, Mark Johnson, Monica Pope, Gracie Cavnar and David Crossley.
  15. DINCA posted up a synchronous two-video project Jupiter’s Eye. It’s kinda like the modern version of having two projectors run simultaneously. Plus, more artwork by Fred Camper.
  16. Jack Sargeant gets interviewed by the magazine RealTime Arts and finds the beauty in car crashes.
  17. In their continuing efforts to interview film festival programmers and directors, Twitch had a chat with Sundance’s Trevor Groth. Twitch also has news of Guy Maddin hiring the legendary Udo Kier to star in his next film, Keyhole.
  18. Not underground, and not even film, but animation and comic book writer Mark Evanier wrote about why he blogs. It’s such a lovely — and brief, so check it out — piece, I feel compelled to share.