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Underground Film Links: June 2, 2013

By Mike Everleth ⋅ June 2, 2013

Black and white portrait of Jeff Krulik

Don’t know what was in the water this week, but there was a veritable explosion of links after a dead couple of past weeks. Let’s get to it!

  1. This week’s Must Read is a lengthy interview with the Underground Film Journal’s favorite documentary filmmaker: Jeff Krulik. Anything about, by or featuring Krulik is must reading. This interview is very in-depth and impressive that pretty much covers Krulik’s entire career.
  2. In this week’s other major interview, Zach Clark chats up Cinema of Transgression bad boy filmmaker Jon Moritsugu, on the eve of not one, but two Moritsugu retrospectives. During the lengthy talk, they pretty much over Moritsugu’s entire career.
  3. Anthony Kaufman has a brief piece up on the unbelievably talented Usama Alshaibi. While the piece is a brief overview of Alshaibi’s work, Kaufman does cover the filmmaker’s highly anticipated documentary American Arab.
  4. BadAzz MoFo has launched what I perceive to be the most important movie blog series of 2013: The White One Hundred, a listing of popular Hollywood entertainment that includes either no minority actors, like The Breakfast Club, or a token minority like Superman. As always, David Walker has some great cultural insights in launching this series, which some will appreciate (like us) while I’m sure others will loathe. (How dare he pick on The Breakfast Club!)
  5. Rick Trembles’ latest Motion Picture Purgatory covers the 1971 “maple syrup porn” flick Apres-Ski.
  6. The AMIA Film Advocacy Task Force has compiled a wonderful resource for filmmakers: A list of the still-functioning film labs in the U.S.
  7. In still another interview this week, the S.F. Weekly talks with Kat Shuchter about the Oddball Films screening series.
  8. Now here’s a tragic tale: Tom Sullivan created the spectacularly gruesome special effects for the original Evil Dead, which significantly contributed to that film’s phenomenal cult success. Yet, while director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell have gone on to successful careers, Sullivan hasn’t and some of the reasons why are quite sad.
  9. The Seattle Times has a mini-preview of recent shows coming up at the Northwest Film Forum, which includes ones like a Vanessa Renwick retrospective and Jodie Mack’s latest animated musical.
  10. This is an old one and a very strange pairing: Actor Donald Sutherland gushes over the work of Stan Brakhage, all the way back in a 1962 issue of Film Culture. UbuWeb has archived the piece.
  11. Bill Plympton his involvement in an interesting new feature film, The Prophet, which is being animated by several different directors.
  12. Glenn Kenny has a fascinating take on a popular film subject: Fake and real female orgasms.
  13. Speaking of which, if you’re in the mood for something even dirtier, Temple of Schlock places 1974’s Ride to Ecstasy on its Endangered List.
  14. Donna k. on the connection between art and the social life.
  15. This is semi-film related: Otto Muehl, one of the founders of the Viennna Actionist art movement has died at the age of 87. While Muehl made some films of his work himself, more well-known are the films of Kurt Kren documenting Muehl’s performances.
  16. Not underground: Saul Bass’s storyboards for Psycho‘s shower scene look like trading cards to me.

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